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Submission + - December NPD Numbers for console hardware

Manmademan writes: "Courtesy of NeoGAF, who has an arrangement with NPD to post official numbers- Results are in for north america and VERY surprising. The Wii, largely expected to be the runaway winner this season only barely edged out the Ps3 with sales of about 600,000 for December, putting US sales at just over 1.1 million: a far cry from the 4 million Nintendo promised for the season. The Ps3 sold through about 490,000 for the month, putting it's US total at just under 700,000. Surprise numbers also come from the Ps2 which is clearly the strongest seller again this year with 1.4 million for the month, the Xbox360 which has posted strong numbers of 1.1 million for december- above even the best month of it's predecessor, and the PSP- widely considered next gen's underperforming handheld but still posting strong numbers of just under 1 million for the month. The rest of the officially released numbers can be found here: 3"

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