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Comment Re:Bloody communists! (Score 0) 267

Actually that doesn't make an sense. They already have the stock. They could ALSO pay themselves a handsome salary and even after paying taxes everything they took home would be gravy. I think it shows a CEO who's willing to bet his compensation on company performance. Not someone dodging taxes. Also, paying capital gains tax is not dodging taxes. It's paying taxes.

Comment Re:What's up with the trolls? (Score 1) 407

Well, according to wikipedia Saddam killed about a million of Iraqi's civilians during his reign. So it's hard to estimate but if I had to guess I'd say the civilian casualty rate if we hadn't invaded Iraq would be about the same. The nice thing is if they end up with the right leadership there doesn't have to be anymore. Yay us.

Comment Re:Close the door. (Score 5, Interesting) 480

Big +1 on this one. It's essential that your family/friends/etc recognize that when you're in there you're "at work" and need to be treated as such. That being said, be flexible if your company is. Sometimes when working from home I'll run and pickup my kid from school even though my wife usually does that. Just because he'll think it's cool that dad picked him up and it's a nice break in the day. My work is based on accomplishments, not hours so I have that flexibility and I use it.

Couple of other things:

1) Get ready for work! Don't just slump out of bed and jump in the chair. Eat breakfast, take a shower, get dressed. You'll be more productive, I guarantee it.
2) Don't get caught in the trap of working too much. When your work is at home it can be hard to walk away from it. If you're done for the day, stay done.

Comment Re:Not smart Enough? (Score 1) 1276

I think this is why you vote on people who have the same values as you. We can't all vote on a course of action. But we can vote on the person we feel will take the course of action we would, or will at least make the same decision we would given the same facts. Kind of like how politicians are always asked how they feel about abortion even though I can't think of the last time a president needed to make a decision that has a direct impact on it. Sure, they appoint supreme court justices who may end up making a decision about abortion (and maybe that's why some people want to know) but I think the reason they're asked is because people vote for politicians share their values. I don't think it's a problem that Obama decided to go with G-dub's policies on Gitmo (or anything else) and neither should anyone else. I think the problem is that he promised to go against those policies before he had all the information. That should stop but won't. I would have more respect for a candidate who, when ask about Gitmo for example, would have said "I don't like what I'm seeing with Gitmo either and, if elected, I will close it if I determine that's possible and in our best interest". Once elected and having made the decision to keep it open then came back and said "I've analyzed all the data and decided to keep it open". Whether or not they gave the details. If I vote for a person who is honest in their values and routinely reassure me of those values I can trust they'll make the decision I would or at least would look at the data with the same colored glasses.

Comment Re:It would be good to have optional GUI (Score 1) 780

Actually, though snark-ily put, that's exactly what needs to happen. Except it's MS that's pushing it. That's why they are recommending you run GUI-less. If half the admins out there take MS's recommendation and run their servers without a GUI then the app developers will be forced to code their apps with CLI support or risk losing half their market. Also, if you absolutely need a GUI to run an app you make it web-enabled which is what many Linux apps do. They either come bundled with a simple web server or you are required to install/enable one to use their app properly. Works like a charm, even over slow connections.

Comment Re:Not where I'm from (Score 1) 948

My country doesn't have that law but I work for a big corporation (which isn't evil though I'll probably get modded down for saying that on the new ultra-libral /.) and they encourage us to take vacations because if you don't it screws with the books. Paid time off pay comes from a different bucket and they budget accordingly. If people don't use all their vacation there will be money left in that bucket at the end of the year and the std. pay bucket will be overdrawn.

Comment Re:Largest economy? (Score 2) 588

Exactly. Everything I'm reading says they are dangerously close to bursting. I'm not an economics guy so I have to rely on the "experts" but it doesn't sound good. Plus, their GDP is artificially inflated with these building projects they're doing. Google "Chinese ghost cities" and take a look. Strange stuff going on over there.

Comment Re:Technically... (Score 1) 1277

I'm frustrated as well but I doubt it's a "complete inability". I can't remember a summary that was incorrectly right leaning. Seems intentional. I've been coming to this site since the beginning and, I know it's Taco's blog, but it seems to be transitioning from a geek site to a liberal politics blog. Since there are over 1000 posts here (which is usual for the politics postings) and much less on the tech postings my guess is the politics are here to stay.

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