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Comment Re:This is silly (Score 1) 720

I look forward to my orders actually being correct - my having input them rather than some kid trying to find the right buttons to hit for the product I want. Lots of mistakes get made on the front end, when someone actually can't find the button for a Sausage McMuffin with Egg, for example. Errors made in the food prep area are a different thing, and will always be hard to catch....

It'd be great if we could use NFC in a phone to input the order we usually get, too - and then modify it. Everyone has their favorite items; I hope McD's is listening / trawling /.

Comment Re:Ya, but... (Score 1) 392

You don't get a degree in English to make money. You do it because you're a decent human being who enjoys what they're doing. [And, possibly, is just chronically allergic to thinking about future earnings in any reasonable way... which sometimes leads to Bad Things later, but... if you're lucky, you recover from that.]

Comment Re:Where's the "yes but never got caught" option (Score 1) 231

Our school's rule was that the blade of your pocketknife had to be short enough to fit inside the palm of your hand. I have really big hands, and I carried a VERY large victorinox scout knife to school every day for years. I'm only 37 - this isn't ancient history, or anything. :)

Comment If you don't have a seat on the CAB, it's not goin (Score 1) 294

As the sysadmin you should have a seat on the CAB. That's it.

You're the person doing implementation, and you're the person most suited to evaluate the technical impact of the changes that you're making.

If you were not a lone sysadmin, it would be your director or their delegate who ought to be on the board; as a standalone sysadmin, though, including you is the sane thing to do.

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