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Comment pcloud.com (Score 1) 107

https://pcloud.com/ - they have end-user encryption, currently in the desktop versions, working on getting it in the web and mobile versions. The encryption sources are open and available at their github account ( https://github.com/pcloudcom ), and they recently got an audit of the whole software and encryption schema.

(disclaimer - i worked there and helped design it)

Comment Re:Any good? (Score 5, Informative) 473


If you use a second keyboard layout and switching, don't upgrade, this still isn't fixed and it's hell, at random points in time it starts rapidly changing the layout, leading to weird results in what you type.

Also there are two problems with the NVidia driver - one is that the text is horribly slow with the included driver, you need to install the beta from the site, and the other is that the nouveau driver fucks up the card and makes it impossible to use the card, so I had to revert to an older kernel. There's a bug for this too somewhere, can't remember the ID.

Comment Just say no... (Score 1) 617

... to crap like web control panels and GUIs. They might be great for some brain-dead users and other office furniture, but when your actual work is in making sure something works, the CLI is just better - fast to work with (everyone has tab completion these days, and if you haven't learned to type, go sit in irc for a while), can be easily scripted and automated (even windows has something useful right now), can easily be scheduled, and you can see the results pretty easy.

All GUIs I've seen plainly suck. There's ONE general idea that the programmer had how everything should be used, and that's wrong all the time. There's never something like "do this to these N selected objects", there's nothing like pipes, they're slower (navigation-wise) and they tend to fuck up horribly, having to restart the whole interface (I've managed to break too many of these).

Long live SSH :)

Comment Let her do it, and back off. (Score 2, Insightful) 527

(I'd say I'm sorry, but I don't know you, her, anyone around you and I although it's bad, I can't really make myself feel anything).

In short. You're not the one that's dying, it's just not up to you. Let her do whatever think it's appropriate (telling her anything about it would be just imposing), and keep your own memories, however you want them (blog probably, although your head would suffice). Don't overdo it - otherwise your risk killing parts of you and your daughters in the process.

And, you seem too depressed to ask on Slashdot. Please, please, please, talk to someone, even a professional (even with the related social stigmata related to that). Don't try to offload this on a bunch of strangers, that's not going to work well anyway. We suck. Even though a lot of us lost someone dear sometime ago (me - about a week ago), it still doesn't make us any good in offering good advice on anything like this.

Seriously. Please 1) don't be an idiot 2) do what's right instead of using strangers to thing for you. Yes, you might fuck up, so what? You'll still remember her for what she was.

Comment ps auxw (Score 5, Informative) 382

vasil@lain:~$ ps auxw|wc -l

All in all, I don't think there would be a normal ubuntu box that would have a lot less than 200 processes running. Just the kernel threads are about 80, then you have all the crap like panel applets, gettys, daemons for weird tasks, some with children (like winbindd)... I think there should've been an option for >500 processes instead :)

Comment New tag (Score 1) 139

Can we please have a tag "moronswithnobasicunderstandingofthetechnologyproposestupidsolutions" ? The article is mostly fear-mongering and a a waste of time. Should we be looking at what every idiot on the planet thinks about something he doesn't understand?

If so, can I write something on how bad particle physics is, because there are always problems with the accelerators and they carry a lot of energy and can open black holes?

As on the BGP hijacks, etc. - there are BGPmon and a ton of other projects that track the internet. There are established ways to stop all leaks/hijacks within a hour or two, and there's the way of making the person responsible NOT do that again. Go read on NANOG or a similar list the discussions on the topic, they're far more useful.

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