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Comment Re:IRB approval? (Score 1) 115

The cryobank mentioned actually denies involvement with him, flat-out. I get a feeling we're being trolled and this is a viral marketing campaign for a crappy movie.

There are ways, Dude - You don't wanna know about it, believe me

I heard a story about a rich, sick old dude from India, got himself a team of the best western doctors available (using absurd piles of money to buy their time), they told him his case was basically hopeless - he needed multiple organ transplants and he would be dead long before donors could be found. They were retained for another 2 days, and within 24 hours of the transplant diagnosis compatible organs were delivered by private courier for implantation.

Comment Re:IRB approval? (Score 1) 115

Cryobanks are privately funded, it's a whole (weird) world onto itself - barely clear of the murder statutes, most "residents" marginally funded while a few pump in impressive amounts of capital. It's a good example of capitalism - it exists because there is sufficient demand to support it, not because IRBs approve.

Comment Re:Congratulations! (Score 1) 115

On the reality front, he tried a head, didn't work, so he figures a brain only might be easier...

The optic and auditory nerves alone worry me, not to mention therapy to regain tongue and vocal cord control, etc. Imagine if the brain transplant works and the consciousness reawakens in a completely sensory deprived state. Probably not what the transplantee had in mind.

Comment Re:Trains (Score 1) 155

This, in Miami I could drive 35 minutes pre-rush, or 55 minutes for the same commute during rush hour in a car. Or, I could drive 20 minutes in the car, park at the rail station, take a train for 20 minutes, transfer to the people mover for another 10 minutes, then walk exposed to sun and rain for 1/4 mile to work, paying $4 per day for the privilege of riding the trains.

Gee, what would you do?

Comment Cities Skylines (Score 3, Funny) 155

The single best solution to traffic in Cities Skylines is tunnels, lots of tunnels, put those freeways underground. I put my tunnel on-off ramps on the inside of big roundabouts, then the surface traffic is tremendously diminished, the freeway traffic has ready access to most areas, and the freeways don't add noise to neighborhoods or bisect and separate them.

Comment Re:Oh noes!?!?! (Score 2) 101

Bitcoin was always destined to become highly centralized and dependent on trusted intermediaries. The only way it wouldn't go there is if everyone who used bitcoin actually participated in the mining and understood what they were doing. As soon as non-miner, non-savvy people got in the game (day 2, I would assume) the devolution began.

Comment Re:Oh noes!?!?! (Score 1) 101

Funny thing about life: perception is all there is.

You may "know the truth" as you perceive it. Your "truth" may be independently verifiable, repeatable, reliable, consistent with other known "truths," etc. and yet, if your "truth" is only believed by a small minority of society, then it has small - and potentially even negative - social value.

Truths like: "watering and fertilizing my garden will get me better yield" have self-fulfilling value. But, if you want to sell your produce to society, and society has placed some negative value on fertilized or irrigated crops, then you could be better off ignoring the "truth" of the yield and growing the crops that society wants.

In the case of imaginary constructs, perception is truly all there is. Harsh truths like loss of money through theft, digital copying, etc. will impose themselves, but these kinds of problems exist for all forms of money. As long as a sufficient society of people "believe" in the value, and they aren't interfered with by regulation, taxation, etc., Bitcoin will continue to trade for value. Just like pet rocks did in the 1970s - though Bitcoin seems to be a much more durable fad.

Comment Re:Topsoil-based fuels are wrongheaded in every wa (Score 1) 238

We've been "using up the topsoil" for hundreds of years, thousands in Europe... I question what will happen when cheap phosphate is gone, but there will be "dirt farming" for some time to come, whether or not some of the output is used for fuel.

Personally, I thought the time to get off fossil fuel was when tar-sands became economically feasible, whether that's transition to sugar beets, rapeseed oils, or algae... We'd probably be best off developing a mix, instead of a single dominant tech selected based on current economics.

Comment Re:Topsoil-based fuels are wrongheaded in every wa (Score 3, Informative) 238

Well, what I read that I like is over 1000 gallons of ethanol produced per acre-year. Since my family ethanol/gasoline needs are approximately 1000 gallons per year, that means that even evil energy beet fuel production only needs one acre of farm land to produce our energy needs, half that if we update our vehicles to higher efficiency ones. This is, of course, ignoring the cost of production issues.

Now, with nearly 100 million families of four (equivalent, also consider that we might be below average in our fuel consumption) in the U.S. - 100 million acres is a lot of farmland - a bit over 10%, but it wouldn't be a bad transition from oil.

Maybe algae energy is better, certainly is if it can be done on marginal lands, but either way, I'm liking the biofuel implications here.

Comment About time... (Score 4, Insightful) 124

These places aren't about internet access at all, they are plain and simple gambling establishments.

If you want to legalize gambling, fine, do it. But, letting it happen this way just leads to sad little strip-mall locations where poor people gather to lose what little money they have in the name of "entertainment."

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