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Comment Greenwich, also Thames Barrier Park... (Score 1) 1095

Greenwich is very cool, the exhibits for kids are very well done. I did four days solo in London at the end of October and spent half a day in Greenwich. Easy to get to from the DLR. If the weather is nice, the views of the City and Canary Wharf are lovely.

The Thames Barrier is something cool to see, too. It's on the DLR at Pontoon Dock station.

The British Museum is awesome, but it's easy to OD and get into info overload. There is sooo much there.

If you like theatre at all, there is a TKTS discount booth in Leicester Square that will have same-night tickets for almost anything playing in the West End, particularly on weeknights. Plus the Southbank Centre has some good concerts.

The "Dressed to Kill" exhibit at the Tower of London is good, if it's not super crowded and you're into history much. Kew Gardens was a nice relaxing afternoon, too.

Get a visitor's Oyster card before you go, and save yourself some hassle. In the US you can get them online from BritRail or VisitBritain. And if you're going to be there for two weeks, get on a train and head out to other places.

And I took my netbook, to save pictures off my camera and do some school work. The Starbucks in London (they're even more numerous than in NYC, I think) have wireless that isn't free, but is at least reasonable and you can buy minutes that can be used over multiple sessions.

I love London. While the Underground is super easy and goes all over the place, just walking is fascinating. There is such a mix of old and new architecture, and cool little things tucked all over the place.

Comment If you end up in New Mexico... (Score 1) 435

The New Mexico Museum of Space History is near White Sands and has some interesting bits and pieces.

Plan your drive around the missile test schedule

The drive out to the VLA is worth it to see the telescopes, though there's not much in the way of a museum there.

I've also heard good things about lanl's Bradbury Museum, but I've never been there.

Spaceport America was originally scheduled to have a hangar and terminal in 2010, so there might be something there worth checking out.

Comment Re:What being in a single process really means (Score 1) 193

Yes, being in the same process is very helpful! That is, until you have to scale your website. Uh oh, you have maxed out your server. Okay, you buy a bigger server. Time passes. Congratulations, your site is very successful and you max it out! Too bad your now-popular app is riddled with assumptions that come from all requests being inside the same process.

Learn from the big guns of websites -- scale horizontally. Frontend proxies load balancing across multiple backend servers. Redundancy and scalability. Definitely don't assume all of a user's requests will come to the same server. For goodness sake, though, don't start out fundamentally limited in your potential scale.
User Journal

Journal Journal: headlights

There are two settings to automobile headlights in Maryland.

1: Off
2: Highbeams

Just so you know.

Parking lights and fog lights count as headlights, in case you were wondering about that. Don't want your regular headlights to burn out. Gotta burn them all evenly.

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