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Comment Re:Ranting (Score 1) 294

wow that's too may nines... forty of them.

(1 - 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999%) of the mass of the earth is of the order of 10^-16 kg, that's a lot less than Clinton's email server weighs. If you consider the "world" to be the mass of the observable uinverse, that proportion would be about the mass of a large-ish comet,

Comment Re:IGotCancerDoIHearAIDSGotAIDSFromTheManInTheHood (Score 5, Funny) 161

Yesterday, researchers on behalf of Microsoft said they will "solve" cancer within the next 10 years by treating it like a computer virus that invades and corrupts the body's cells. Today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced a $3 billion initiative to "cure all diseases."

"I see how it is. Fine. I, Jeff Bezos, pledge an end to all human suffering by sometime in the next six months."

I, Larry Ellison, will eliminate all humans in a week!

Comment Re:Understand why they dont like this.. (Score 1) 108

.. bad things will and do happen. People make mistakes ...

I detect a bias towards condemning the person's actions. If the suicide was someone's decision who are we to say it's a "mistake"? Admittedly streaming it on Periscope may be considered in poor taste by others, but hey, it's Periscope, you have been warned.

Comment Re:that is not always true (Score 1) 228

I have one of those 2200W power hogs and also a more recent and slightly more expensive Miele, whcih draws only 900W, is much quieter, and magically sucks just as well (sucks dust, that is,not donkey gonads).

I can recommend the things, and while I like the idea of bagless, and have worked for an hour with a Dyson upright (ancient model) and was impressed, I never felt convinced enough to part with so much money for a machine that gets very mixed judgement... and they change models so quickly too, you really don't know if the new ones are still as good.

Comment Re:Campaign contributions (Score 4, Interesting) 314

To make this point crystal-clear: Burr and Feinstein wrote the bill as idiotic as possible, as a threat to extort money from the lobbying industry in return for not passing the law, or watering it down(*).
How selfless of them, they write the opposing politicians' meal ticket!
I'm sure they'll return the favour on some other braindead "policy issue"
(*) In comparison to the leaked draft copy, they removed the limitation to certain investigations (drugs, terror, kiddiefiddling...) so as to have some wriggle-room in the following bargaining process.

Comment use case (Score 1) 116

to go with the flow of the multiple above comments, i might be tempted to add another "WTF" comment.

but at least I can imagine one possible use case... someone's at granny's house and wants to log into FB on some big screen device (Smart-tv, PC, granny's tablet) to show off holiday snaps.. but can't log into FB there because they can't remember their extra-secure 17-digit password, so they get a "cumbersome, one-off" PW through the (possibly not even "smart") phone in their pocket.

not that it's not ridiculously insecure or anything...

Comment Re:Climate Change (Score 0) 344

Of course glaciers are on the edge of melting! Unlike your freezer, there is no refrigeration engine in the glacier, and it only exists in a place where it's cold enough. Hence, on the edge of it, it's only marginally cold enough. It gets a bit warmer, the Glacier recedes. Where mountaintops are held up by the strengh of this ice, any shrinkage of it will make stuff slide. This is not a catastrophe of course, unless you happen to live in the path of it. Same thing with rising sea level, if you live on some atoll with only a few elevation above sea level, marginal effects will make your life pretty uncomfortable. Same thing if lots of people live in some semi-arid place and just about sustain their water consumption by drawing water from lakes and rivers all around: if it rains just a little less, the lakes dry up.

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