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Comment Re:Understand why they dont like this.. (Score 1) 108

.. bad things will and do happen. People make mistakes ...

I detect a bias towards condemning the person's actions. If the suicide was someone's decision who are we to say it's a "mistake"? Admittedly streaming it on Periscope may be considered in poor taste by others, but hey, it's Periscope, you have been warned.

Comment Re:that is not always true (Score 1) 228

I have one of those 2200W power hogs and also a more recent and slightly more expensive Miele, whcih draws only 900W, is much quieter, and magically sucks just as well (sucks dust, that is,not donkey gonads).

I can recommend the things, and while I like the idea of bagless, and have worked for an hour with a Dyson upright (ancient model) and was impressed, I never felt convinced enough to part with so much money for a machine that gets very mixed judgement... and they change models so quickly too, you really don't know if the new ones are still as good.

Comment Re:Campaign contributions (Score 4, Interesting) 314

To make this point crystal-clear: Burr and Feinstein wrote the bill as idiotic as possible, as a threat to extort money from the lobbying industry in return for not passing the law, or watering it down(*).
How selfless of them, they write the opposing politicians' meal ticket!
I'm sure they'll return the favour on some other braindead "policy issue"
(*) In comparison to the leaked draft copy, they removed the limitation to certain investigations (drugs, terror, kiddiefiddling...) so as to have some wriggle-room in the following bargaining process.

Comment use case (Score 1) 116

to go with the flow of the multiple above comments, i might be tempted to add another "WTF" comment.

but at least I can imagine one possible use case... someone's at granny's house and wants to log into FB on some big screen device (Smart-tv, PC, granny's tablet) to show off holiday snaps.. but can't log into FB there because they can't remember their extra-secure 17-digit password, so they get a "cumbersome, one-off" PW through the (possibly not even "smart") phone in their pocket.

not that it's not ridiculously insecure or anything...

Comment Re:Climate Change (Score 0) 344

Of course glaciers are on the edge of melting! Unlike your freezer, there is no refrigeration engine in the glacier, and it only exists in a place where it's cold enough. Hence, on the edge of it, it's only marginally cold enough. It gets a bit warmer, the Glacier recedes. Where mountaintops are held up by the strengh of this ice, any shrinkage of it will make stuff slide. This is not a catastrophe of course, unless you happen to live in the path of it. Same thing with rising sea level, if you live on some atoll with only a few elevation above sea level, marginal effects will make your life pretty uncomfortable. Same thing if lots of people live in some semi-arid place and just about sustain their water consumption by drawing water from lakes and rivers all around: if it rains just a little less, the lakes dry up.

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