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Comment Re:Ranting (Score 1) 294

wow that's too may nines... forty of them.

(1 - 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999%) of the mass of the earth is of the order of 10^-16 kg, that's a lot less than Clinton's email server weighs. If you consider the "world" to be the mass of the observable uinverse, that proportion would be about the mass of a large-ish comet,

Comment Re:IGotCancerDoIHearAIDSGotAIDSFromTheManInTheHood (Score 5, Funny) 161

Yesterday, researchers on behalf of Microsoft said they will "solve" cancer within the next 10 years by treating it like a computer virus that invades and corrupts the body's cells. Today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced a $3 billion initiative to "cure all diseases."

"I see how it is. Fine. I, Jeff Bezos, pledge an end to all human suffering by sometime in the next six months."

I, Larry Ellison, will eliminate all humans in a week!

Comment Re:Understand why they dont like this.. (Score 1) 108

.. bad things will and do happen. People make mistakes ...

I detect a bias towards condemning the person's actions. If the suicide was someone's decision who are we to say it's a "mistake"? Admittedly streaming it on Periscope may be considered in poor taste by others, but hey, it's Periscope, you have been warned.

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