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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - 30th Anniversary of Apple II going on sale (

WhatAboutTheAltair writes: June 5th 1977 (exactly 30 years ago today) was an important date in the history of computing: the Apple II, the world's first practical personal computer went on sale. $1,298 (equivalent to about $4,000 in 2007 terms) got you a MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor blitzing away at 1MHz, 4KB of RAM, Interger BASIC on ROM, an audio cassette interface for storing programs & data, and a 24x40 caps-only video output which you could connect to your TV with an RF modulator. For $2,638 you could get your hands on the top-end machine equipped with a massive 48KB of RAM — and you thought the price of RAM upgrades at the Apple Store was expensive today!

Comment Re:Figures (Score 4, Interesting) 168

Talk about xenophobic racism.

Read the post. That journal is one of the best journals in the World - look at the previous contributors mentioned in the post and tell me it's not a decent journal. Just because it's German, it doesn't mean it's "sub-par". Your post should be modded down for trolling, but unfortunately I expect it'll bubble up as "Informative".

Also, most US/British journals would refuse to publish not because they doubted the ability of the scientists to produce good quality data, but because they have a knee-jerk reaction that cold fusion is junk science.

Well done to this journal for actually taking it on.

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