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Comment Re:Squids (Score 1) 803


Aliens* have masted space travel, squids haven't.
I don't think it would be incorrect to assume it would be easier to communicate with an alien than to communicate with a squid. Maybe mostly because it is highly unlikely that a squid would want to communicate with us, where an alien is more likely to want to communicate with us, as they probably are, unlike squids, smart enough to have asked the Big Questions, and would be glad to see alien lifeforms.

*who come to visit us

Comment Re:the workaround is bad design (Score 2, Informative) 421

We let our own off with heineous mistakes while professionals who do the same thing we hang simply because they dared to ask to be paid for their effort. Lame.

Is Ted Ts'o not professional? Does he not get paid? Ts'o's employed by the Linux Foundation, on leave from IBM. Free Software does not mean volenteer-made software!

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