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Comment Re:Modified, Harmless HIV Used (Score 1) 521

I understand, according the article, that they used 'a modified, harmless version of HIV.' I am curious as to how they treat the HIV afterwards though. Can they cure this strain.? Will the remaining white blood cells fight it off? Do they have to treat it forever now? But like another poster stated, it would be a better trade off for many. I am happy that they were still able perform the experiment though, in spite of the initial lack of funding. It's nice to think that potentially millions of lives can be saved from this.

Comment Re:Wireless system connections (Score 2) 212

I thought the whole point of a wireless connection was for mobility and convenience. The fact of the matter is knetworkmanager was a fail when 4.0 was released imho. I had nothing but issues with it on 3 out of the 4 machines I run. Shortly after I discovered wicd and never looked back. It may require a little more configuration depending on your needs, but I have no problems with it period!

Comment Re:So... (Score 3, Insightful) 103

What it means is a person with cystic fibrosis(and other diseases as well of course), such as my daughter who may have to have a lung transplant in the future, has fighting chance to continue to live a somewhat normal life with continued technological/scientific progress in this field. This makes me happy!

Comment Re:Sony trying to spin things. (Score 2) 276

That is absoutely correct. Most PS3 owners all but forgot about all those troubles the second they were able to log onto the PSN again. Read any forum from during the time PSN was down. Very, very few people stated they were getting away from Sony (I would be courious to see how many of those actually did), the majority just cried 'I want my PSN back!'

Comment Re:Come on butthurt fanboys (Score 1) 68

Admittedly it was a poor attempt on my part to convey the ethics on which Microsoft was founded by offering impertinent information relative to the OP. However, if you would put your energy towards educating yourself rather than being angry and belligerent you would understand that the underlying message is still true. You can start here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_litigation. Then you can UTFW and find countless other cases by and against Microsoft. They are plentiful.

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