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Journal Journal: Unpopular opinions and the mod smackdown...

Wow...I got modded as flamebait twice in the past week or so. I don't know whether I am amused or perturbed. In one case, I was giving my honest opinion about why I think The Simpsons is overstaying its welcome. In the other case, I was venting a little about how Rambus managed to game the legal system and get the Infineon lawsuit back on the docket.

In the former case, I was dead wrong, and I'll admit it. I bought a 512MB DDR DIMM for $95 from Kingston ValueRAM and thought it was a deal. I thought "well, this is the bottom for DDR, enjoy it." Then a few days later I went to the Reseda Megashows Computer Fair. Sure enough, there was a vendor with the same stuff for $79. OK good...I'm glad I was wrong on this one. I can max my onboard RAM on my new Athlon box sooner than I thought I could.

However, if Rambus should prevail in this case, watch out. If all the major manufacturers of RAM have to pay a legally-mandated tribute to Rambus, it might bring us back to the bad old days when a good deal for a 32MB 72 pin FPM SIMM was $500. That wasn't so long ago either...1996, to be exact.

I am not a troll. In fact, I am against trolling. It's sad when you get slapped for speaking your mind. Bleah.


Journal Journal: Saving Mandrake by forking it: the next step.

Oh man, this has been a crappy day. Not at work, really...that's been mellow. However, today seven of nine Supreme Court Justices bent over for Disney, essentially saying "Limited Time? We don't need no steenkin' Limited Time!" And now comes the news that Mandrake has filed for the French equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The Mandrake news upsets me even more than the Supremes' ruling, which I was expecting. Certainly I was also expecting the news about Mandrake eventually, but not this fast.

I am running v.9 and was looking forward to 9.1. MDK 9 is the least troublesome distro I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Aside from the unclean shutdown problem, which I had to deal with by yanking NFS out by the roots, it's been great. (Still gives me complaints at shutdown but it's not a bfd.) It installs easily, it's largely locked down by default, and it's very clear what you need to get rid of to make it watertight. It comes with a fine compliment of development tools, lots and lots of games, and multimedia goodies up the ying-yang.

I like Lycoris, but only as a second choice. Lycoris is just too stripped down for my tastes. I want to make decisions about which apps are "best of breed" for me, not someone else. And after this whole SCO debacle, I am nervous about running something based on Caldera. If I wanted to have licensing problems, I'd just run Windows 2000 and be done with it.

And please, don't tell me to run Red Hat. I am a KDE kind of gal, and I want to run KDE without Red Hat's "improvements." Don't tell me to run SuSE. I want to run KDE without SuSE's proprietary bullcrap. And besides, SuSE is part of UnitedLinux, which is sounding more and more ominous with each day.

If I really wanted to work like a dog to get KDE completely set up correctly, I would run KDE on top of FreeBSD, not Debian, nor the current 'leet favorite, Gentoo. I am tempted to buy Libranet now to see whether or not they have truly made Debian friendly enough for me. It is rumored they got KDE almost as right as Mandrake did, but I haven't seen Libranet run so I can't say for sure.

I have come to a fearsome conclusion. It is time to fork MDK. It is time to create a sustainable version of the distro which can outlive Mandrakesoft. It might mean pruning it judiciously to get it down to one or two .ISOs. That's not hard to do: one of the two secondary disks only has localization information and the source code for the Kernel. Also if MDK was focused more tightly on the desktop, we could get away with removing certain servers that nobody who's running a workstation install needs.

Hopefully stuff like Mandrake Control Center isn't proprietary like YaST is. That could be trouble for a GPL fork. Let's hope that's not the case.

United States

Journal Journal: Th3 5n1p3r 15 4 L4m3 c4mp3r...

Anyone get the weird idea that perhaps the DC Sniper is a gaming fanboy? His little message to the cops is kinda chillingly familiar if you do any LAN gaming at all. It will help if you look at it in 'leet: "Mr. p0l1c3m4n, 1 4m 60d." Add "ph34r my 31337 5n1p1n6 5k1llz" if that helps any.

What Mr. 31337 5n1p3r doesn't apparently get is that he is emulating the kind of behavior that will get you laughed out of most online/LAN games, or worse. This isn't sniping...this is CAMPING pure and simple. Lamer is sitting places where he knows people will appear and picking them off.

Apparently he also doesn't get that also In Real Life (tm) when you shoot someone, they won't respawn. I hope this bastard gets put out of our misery soon.

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