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Submission + - Software-defined radio for US$11 (osmocom.org)

Malvineous writes: Don't have $1500 to drop on a USRP? A Linux kernel developer has discovered that a Realtek digital TV tuner chip has an undocumented mode that turns it into a software-defined radio, with a frequency range of 64-1700MHz. The going rate for one of these USB devices can be as low as US$11.

If you're unfamiliar with software-defined radio and have 20 minutes to spare, Balint Seeber has a great video introduction.


Submission + - Aussies to tell US gov't: Wikileaks != terrorists (getup.org.au)

Malvineous writes: Australian political activist group GetUp, unhappy with the Prime Minister of Australia labelling Wikileaks founder and Australian citizen Julian Assange "illegal", has decided to step up and tell the US government what they feel the Australian government has not:

Australia and the United States are the strongest of allies. Our soldiers serve side by side and we’ve experienced, and condemned, the consequences of terrorism together. To label Wikileaks a terrorist organisation is an insult to those Australians and Americans who have lost their lives to acts of terrorism and to terrorist forces.

They are calling for donations to run advertisements with this message in the Washington Times and the New York Times. If you support the work of Wikileaks, you can help fund the ads.

Open Source

Submission + - Is this a way around the GPL? 4

Malvineous writes: I have two devices, from two different companies (who shall remain nameless, but both are very large and well known) which run Linux-based firmware. The companies release all their source code to comply with the GPL, however neither of them include a build environment or firmware utilities with the code. This means that if you want to alter the free software on the device, you can't — there is no way to build a firmware image or install it on the devices in question, effectively rendering the source code useless.

I have approached the companies directly and while one of them acknowledges that they are not fully GPL compliant, due to other license restrictions they cannot make their build environment public, and they do not have the resources to rewrite it. I have approached the FSF but their limited resources are tied up pursuing more blatant violations (where no code at all is being released.)

Meanwhile I am stuck with two devices that only work with Internet Explorer, and although I have the skills to rewrite each web interface, I have no way of getting my code running on the devices themselves.

Have these companies found a convenient way to use GPL code, whilst preventing their customers from doing the same?

Submission + - NASA releases half-hour video tour of the ISS

Malvineous writes: Expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke has recently filmed a high-definition 35-minute video tour aboard the International Space Station. For those who missed the HD broadcast on NASA TV, the video is available (albeit not in HD) on YouTube.

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