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Comment Ahh the memories.... (Score 1) 152

Ahh the memories. Shareware games and MUDS were great at the time for derailing my academic career. I know my high school and college grades suffered because of this time killers. Kids are so spoiled now with all the ways to kill their grades. They have whole cool worlds to kill time in with built in refreshes to keep the fix going.

Comment College like high school is watered down (Score 2, Interesting) 1138

To do best service to society, we have to up the standards. We have to give up the crap we allow to pass along. The stories of what "smart" college students get away with is frightening. In my immediate family I have members that have taught in either upper crust high school, two big state schools and an Ivy League university so I have a real idea of how bad things are.

Entitlement has destroyed most high school top tracks and college. Students do not have to work hard enough. If high school and undergraduate degrees were worth more than toilet paper, society could benefit. I though my undergraduate and masters computer science should have been harder. And it has only gotten worse in the 10 years since.

They need to first fix high school. If people would just learn that no matter how hard you try to do crap like No Child Left Behind, there are just going to be a good number of people that just can not reach true college tier. If they would stop feeding the bullshit that everyone can and has a right to go we can move forward with creating college degree programs that are worth the parchment they are printed on.

Comment Re:Broadband killed LAN parties (Score 1) 737

Dude, if there was good game to bring us together, we would pull back together. Because there is plenty that can be done as people get up with the gear. Granted it it has not been often since we did it, but the last lan party allowed for us to not only play computer game but also get some poker and Munchkin games going while people were loading and setting up.

As for gear, the setup is heck of a lot easier. All the crap for overclocking and huge CRT as long past. Now any new machine are more than powerful enough and LCD monitors are hell of a lot easier to move around.

A good lan game could pull us together. Plus when the kids are older we can throw them all in a room and let them kill each other.

Comment Re:You miss the point (Score 1) 837

But I am a Pepper!!
Can trace back to Sarah Pepper that came over couple years after the Native Americans saved the pilgrims butts at Plymouth.

I use Windows, OSX and Linux and all three have their uses. Just wish that one would win for the desktop. Because we all know Unix/Linux rocks for the servers!

So I am a LinOSXdows Pepper that thinks all the ads are a waste.

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