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Comment Re: Nothing that money can't buy (Score 2, Informative) 65

You are so full of shit. This has nothing to do with money, but rather self rule. It's about Hawaiians being held at gunpoint to sign over sovereignty. It's about the dozen plus other observatories already there (built under protest also). It's about Kaho'olawe being blown to bits for decades. It's about a lot of things, but money isn't one.

GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - GPLv3 Questions & Answers

ismak writes: "Umeet 2006, this year's online conference on Free Software, will be holding a GPLv3 Questions & Answers session with Richard Stallman. The session is this Tuesday, December 19th, at 18:00 UTC on the #umeet channel on irc.uninet.edu.
If you plan on attending Tuesday's session, you will want to read the background information on the GPLv3 that Richard Stallman has made available."

Submission + - Disney claims ownership of Santa Claus

swimgeek writes: Disney world officials in Florida have told a man resembling Santa Claus to leave the park, as they claimed that Santa Claus was a Disney character. From the article: "How do you tell a little kid, 'No, go away, little kid'," Mr Worley told local television. He said Disney had told him "Santa was considered a Disney character".
The Internet

Submission + - AT&T's fiber rollout facing heavy opposition

Moral Fiber writes: AT&T is in the process of rolling out its U-Verse fiber-to-the-node network, but the company is finding stiff resistance in some Chicago suburbs according to a feature by Ars Technica. A large part of the problem is AT&T's refusal to sign franchise agreements and commit to serving entire cities instead of cherry-picking affluent neighborhoods. '"The issue is this," says Peter Collins, IT manager for the city of Geneva, IL. "They're asking us to specifically segregate and point to one part of our community and say, 'Well, you know what, in order to let AT&T come in here, we're going to serve the east side of town but not the west.' What politician in his right mind is going to say [that]? It's one thing to have a company come in and say that; it's another thing entirely to have a politician sanction part of a city."'
User Journal

Journal Journal: Movie Review: Eragon 4

I'll start off by saying that I have read and liked the book. While it followed many of the fantasy stereotypes it was overall well written and a good read. Since the movie is supposed to be a retelling of the book, I'll compare the two from time to time.
PC Games (Games)

Last Chance to Help Free Ryzom 280

An anonymous reader writes "With the consistent influx of MMORPG's in the last few years it was obvious that many would fall by the wayside, one of those to fall is Ryzom, as you might be aware it is now going to be up for sale, and in an enterprising move for open source there is an initiative to buy Ryzom and put it under the GPL, much like Blender was in the past. However, time is short, apparently "Pledges must be made within the next few days, since the deadline for the final bid is expected sometime before Wednesday, December 19th". Already there is over 150,000 Euros donated and the FSF has donated 60,000!! If you (like me) can see the benefit of having a fully developed MMORPG that is completely open source just donate a little, quickly!"

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