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The difference is once a game is released for Wii, Nintendo can't turn around and say 'You can't sell this any more.' Once you're approved, you're approved, and you can go on to profit from your work. They have known rules for what kind of content is allowed that don't undergo major changes every couple of months. By contrast, Apple could decide tomorrow that all apps with purple backgrounds aren't allowed, and pull them all from the store immediately without notice. Then the next day they can decide that purple is okay, but only if it's darker than a certain shade. Then they could drop the whole rule again the next week. They reserve the right to change the rules at any time for any reason. How many wiiware/xbla/psn games have been pulled after release due to changing rules about what's ok and what isn't?

Submission + - More evidence for Steam games on Linux

SheeEttin writes: "Back in November 2008, Phoronix reported that Linux libraries appeared in the Left 4 Dead demo (also on Slashdot), and then in March, Valve announced that Steam and the Source engine were coming to Mac OS X
Now, Phoronix reports that launcher scripts included with the (closed beta) Mac version of Steam include explicit support for launching a Linux version."

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