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Submission + - Petition for the White House: Divert science funds to create a real life TARDIS? (

MakersDirector writes: NASA and Modern commercial organizations are having a difficult time overcoming the physical laws governing space and time as it relates to physics in order to explore our world and others.

While propulsion systems grow marginally faster, the resources these propulsion methods consume — not just financially — but physically — are extreme.

The net benefit to us the taxpayer for military and black budget programs with propulsion technologies is nonexistent, and average intercontinental commute speeds haven't increased in 50 years.

Signing this petition is agreeing that the US should allocate funding specifically slated for development of warp technology as depicted in the fictional television shows Star Trek and Doctor Who — technology based on real physics and the Einstein-Rosen Bridge

Submission + - Artificial Intelligence Basics and Hacking Intro (

MakersDirector writes: Before I joined the NSA (National Security Agency), I romanticized the job of being a ‘spy’, and thought it would be like it was in the TV Shows and Movies. The truth is, it’s much more Normal and boring than that. Especially in Information Analysis and Information Technology. But there’s some perks....

Submission + - Petition for ET's, Rock the Vote! (

MakersDirector writes: "Think you're ready for the truth? Then let's ask the Whitehouse to come clean with it's informational resources from the NSA and CIA to discuss the technology that's available — clones, robotics, alternate realities, time travel, and space travel, now is the time the public deserves to know 'the truth' about why this technology is being suppressed, and trust the public is at a mature enough stage in it's development to handle this. Follow this link and add your 'vote' to the list of those ready for 'the truth'"

Submission + - (Humorous) Revolutionary! Can you imagine a president like this? (

MakersDirector writes: "And I quote:

When you vote for President this Tuesday....

How'd you like to have someone in office who: a) Admits their issues and shortcomings PRIOR to office (I'm often a pervert and am a recovering drug addict and love video games) b) Is currently unemployed and could USE this job to help others get jobs c) As a first act, would take away all gates and fences from the White House (like in the old days) and invite people to the 'front lawn' to hang out for bbq's and stuff... d) As a second Act not act like they knew everything and would ask Romney and Obama BOTH to be their Vice Presidents, like a traditional company you cant have just one, so why are we acting like there should be one here? After all, I'm going to need help with my Vices, so it only makes sense to have two Vice Presidents.

How about REALLY rocking the vote? If you vote for me, I'm: "Brian Scott Gregory born in Orange, Calif, living in Vancouver, Washington social security number ending in 3795"

My campaign slogan is "Hindsight is 2020", referring to how I'll work to make time travel FREELY available to everyone by that year (clever, I know!). After all, we're all energy in a simulation. Why should playing and exploring be limited to 'those in power'...."

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