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Comment Re:And yet, no one understands Git. (Score 1) 203

Imagine if you made a word processor and people found it difficult to understand, and you said, "It's easy once you understand that the words in the text are stored in a hash map along with a structure with various flags that encode things like whether it's italic or not."

You mean exactly like every advanced WordPerfect user used to work (with reveal codes on)?

Comment Re:A fervent defense of Apathy (Score 1) 658

America is where a Jew and an Arab can live next to each other in peace, not brainwashed from birth to destroy each other because of some argument between scruffy goat-herders hundreds of years ago. America is where a Catholic girl can marry a Muslim guy simply because they love each other, and not be bred into fervent hatred because of the faiths of their families.

You got it confused. This place is called "Europe", not "America". America never was this tolerant to begin with. The whole "land of the free" mantra comes from the times where it was relatively new to have country without explicit LAWS against the above. The lack of laws mandating intolerance however never had any bearing on the intolerance of the society itself, which was and is the norm.

Comment Re:#1 reason to use Android (Score 1) 287

Not on Moto you can't. Locked bootloaders all along (except some developer units), which means the only thing you're able to boot is one of the vendor-delivered signed kernels. This has been circumvented somewhat by chain-loading, but it still means vendor kernel is started first and can setup whatever spyware they damn please, even if you're on (unofficial) CM.


Submission + - Smartphone companies are now entering a phase of Mutually Assured Destruction (shkspr.mobi)

Tryfen writes: As patent trials rage across the globe, it has become clear that smartphone companies are engaged in Mutually Assured Destruction. What's the endgame here? Do they all capitulate and cross-licence their patents? Are they forced to buy patents and pass the costs onto customers? Will companies withdraw — voluntarily or otherwise — from the smartphone space?

Submission + - Is Police Cellphone Tracking Okay If There's No Trespass? (justia.com)

marbux writes: Two-part article criticizes a questionable recent appeals court ruling that police in the U.S. may track cell phone locations without a search warrant.

This past August, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, in United States v. Skinner, held that police may, without a warrant or probable cause, use global positioning technology to track a suspect’s whereabouts through his cellular phone. This ruling is important because it follows up on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last term in United States v. Jones that police do need a warrant and probable cause to attach a global positioning device to a vehicle and thereby track a suspect’s whereabouts.

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