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Comment Three Words (Score 1) 965

Adobe Creative Suite

Until I can run Photoshop and Illustrator natively, Linux will not be anything more than a hobby for me. Yes there are alternative programs out there such as GIMP and inkscape that could substitute in extremis, but the fact is when it comes to design work Adobe Creative Suite is the one and only game going anymore. If Adobe released a version of Creative Suite for Linux I'd switch over in a heartbeat. But as it stands, my iPhone, iPad and Mac Mini all integrate seamlessly, and even though I occasionally chafe under certain restrictions (please Apple let me set a different default browser in iOS), I have far fewer headaches now than I ever did working in a Windows environment.

Comment Imperial Time (Score 1) 2288

For that matter, why does the whole world still insist on keeping track of time in a non-decimalized fashion? I mean 24 hours to a day, 60 minutes to an hour, whats that all about? Why not have a day divided into 10 units, and further subdivided on a base ten system? If it works for length, weight, area, and volume, why not time?

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