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Comment Re:Sophisticated? (Score 3, Insightful) 122

you forgot after you finish the boxed wine (commonly called goon in australia) you can blow up the bladder to use a pillow and have a nap. or play wheel of goon arrange people around a rotary clothes line, attach 1 goon bag (boxed wine) and spin. who ever ends up with the bag of goon above them has to drink. add more bags as desired.

Comment Re:shooting projectiles = must ban (Score 1) 551

Some construction equipment require you to either have a Explosive licence or firearms licence. Arborist slingshots require you to possess as firearms licence. while a run of the mill gas charged nail gun does not require it. if its considered a explosive tool then you need to be licenced to buy and use it.

Comment Re:120lbs women, 160lbs men? What country is this? (Score 1) 996

Its not really rocket science. most beverages should have how many standard drinks are in it. for beers served in glasses find out before hand$File/std0910.pdf for men 2 standard drinks in the first hour 1 every hour after that will keep at about that limit. 0.05 for women 1 standard drink per hour.

Comment Re:I'm surprised it's such a problem (Score 1) 379

LOL you're joking Right. Pretend you have a laser light and wanted to shine it into the eyes of a plane would you stand a) In line with the runway on the planes landing approach so yo can get the light "into the cockpit" more easily b) off to the side where you will have to try and focus the light from below and try and track the plane as it moves across from you. now think nice and hard. and since light travels really really fast the fact that the plane moves at 300km/h isn't much of an issue. especially if its coming towards you, and you are only tracking it vertical movement. as anyone who has been in combat can attest.

Comment Re:What a bunch of pricks. (Score 1) 205

Its because its similar to their title is why this has come about. here is an example of it happening in australia. the Mambo CEO was unaware of the trademark dispute until it was brought up in the media. they apparently have a system in place that looks at new trademarks and if they are similar to their own they file a lawsuit/objection to get it changed.

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