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Comment Re:One change (Score 1) 453

Mate, you just need a 5 bucks adapter, and an app from the store (IIRC it's called Nexus Media Importer), and you can watch all the movies you want from a USB dongle. No root needed. Sooner or later they will learn that you can't charge 100 bucks for more RAM, meanwhile let's just do it the smart way.

Comment I don't understand how this is possible (Score 1) 200

I don't understand how it is possible that the driver had to pay less thank 1k. In Italy we have penal sanctions that are too low, for this kind of crime, but the civil penalties can run in the hundreds of thousands, in fact you MUST have insurance to drive to cover them just in case. Don't you have compulsory insurance in the USA?

Comment We had SAMs at the G8 in Genoa (Score 1) 395

Back in July 2001, the G8 in Genoa (which became infamous for the incidents between the police and the protesters) had an early controversy when SAMs (I think it was the Spada system with Aspide missiles) were placed at the airport to prevent against air attacks. Also, the port hosted a couple of destroyers with the very similar Albatross system (same munition) during the meeting.
This was discussed in the local newspaper, with some people criticizing the deployment and others making fun of it. Two months later there was 9/11. I wonder if those people reconsidered; probably they pretended to forget.

Comment Mah... (Score 1) 1014

I am pretty surprised that in America people still have that strange idea that the Scriptures are to be taken literally.
I live in Italy, which is after all the cradle of Cristianity, and I went to a religious private school; Several of the teachers were religious men, having taken vows, etc. During the discussions about religion, never was I told that the Genesis is to be taken literally. In fact, I recall that I was told the contrary, that the stories in there are meant as metaphores.
After all, Jesus used to express his ideas with moral tales, so why that specific part should be interpreted literally fails me.

Comment Re:New Books Maybe Old Books Never (Score 1) 669

You've got to be kidding... Format / DRM considerations apart, the current Kindle (as well as many other devices, but I speak of what I have) is at least on par with a paper book for clarity. Page turns are fast, it's easier to search, easier to use one-handed (on public transportation, for example, where I do most of my reading), easier to look for a word (English is not my mother language) and generally more practical than a book.
The best endorsment is probably that since I have gotten it, my reading time has increased, and I have always read quite a lot. Ah, that was several months ago, so it's not the love of a new gadget... It's that good.

Comment Re:Raiding (Score 1) 175

If your gear isn't good enough, properly enchanted and gemmed, you don't bring supplies and you haven't bothered reading up ahead on bosses, you have no business raiding ICC, period. Gearing up is pretty easy nowadays, making gold is even easier, so there are no excuses: run heroics, prepare ahead, then step in and by all means most everybody will recognize your effort and help you; if you slack, by all means expect everybody to be shitty about it. Raiding should be for everybody, but ONLY if they are prepared to make an effort.

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