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Comment Re:Let's Declare A No-Fly Zone! (Score 1) 121

I don't understand the point of your post. I apologize. What do higher expectations have to do with our opinions being valid or not valid? In the USA your choices are also limited by more than your drive and life choices. Are you telling me that right now the unemployment rate is so high in America because all those people made poor life decisions or are lazy? Everyone in any country has more choices if they are "at the top of the class" (what kind of class do you mean?) And everyone in China does not 'accept' this. There have been more riots, demonstrations (and attempts at demonstrations). And for the previous post. I am curious as to how the survey information was collected from China. There are huge sections of China lacking basic infrastructure like reliable roads and electricity (or any electricity). This is not an attack on China, this situation is improving rapidly, I'm just always curious when I hear statistics about the population of China. Where and how was this information collected? From the government? Not a reliable source (that was an attack). By the way I couldn't get into Slashdot this morning without using a proxy (I live in China). Don't know if it is being blocked or just something screwy with local internet.

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