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Comment Actions have consequences (Score 1) 273

Snowden did huge service to the fascist superstate in North Asia. There is a war going on right now, you know. Only a small part of this war is a real war: the war of the fascist superstate against Ukraine. And even against Ukraine, the empire uses a proxy army of thugs under false banners that is formally independent and not under the command of the emperor in Kremlin. Most of the war is subsurface -- an information war that is going on even at this moment in this forum. Mr Snowden chose to side with the fascists and help their war efforts with his info and now he wants a pardon? Go to hell, fool. Your motives might have been noble but your actions did have consequences. The fascists are kinda stuck in the real war against Ukraine but they did score important victories in the info war. Trump, for instance. Likely, you did assist them a bit, Mr Snowden. So stay there. What, you don't like their lunatic society? Tough luck. Should have thought better before chosing their side.

BTW, it will be most ironic if Trump pardons Snowden. Then the lunacy will be complete -- the extreme liberals and the extreme conservative in a hug, much to the delight of the emperor...

Comment looks like skylon to me (Score 1) 90

The real question is, however, can idea be realised as a reliable spaceplane? For as long as I can remember I have been reading about bold new technologies that would change the world. Few of them turned into successful products though. Controlled nuclear fusion - nope. Supersonic civil airplanes - nope. The space elevator - nope. The electric car - well, maybe, not sure yet. Etc. Clearly, the devil is in the details and to turn a good idea into a reliable product sometimes is horribly complex and expensive.

Of course, Britain cannot possibly have a monopoly over the skylon idea. Even *if* they had made a working skylon spaceplane first (which would imply the idea is realisable) the Chinese would have made a similar thing in short time.

Comment a surprisingly free life in a surprisingly fascist (Score -1) 52

The hypocrisy of the leftists is amazing. Russia is sliding towards a fascist regime with very little personal liberty and state-controlled-everything. Even the orthodox "church" is just another instrument of the all powerful state. Russia waged wars on three of its neighbours (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and tore pieces of them into "independent countries" with feudal pro-Russian regimes. Russia actively supports the medieval barbaric regimes in mid Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.). The warmongering in Russia has reached levels that are incomprehensible for a normal person (but normal for a denizen of a fascist country). And yet Snowden, the liberty guy, finds the putrid fascist atmosphere "free". Reminds me of a leftist Scottish prof I met in Canada back in the 90-ies when the Cold war was still a recent memory. He had visited USSR during communism and the only thing he disliked were the queues in front of the shops. The clown never noticed that he had freedoms like freedom of expression and of travel that were unthinkable for the Soviet proles.

Comment the irony... (Score 0, Troll) 215

Snowden, the great whistleblower, the great freedom fighter, ended up in *Russia* - a fascist country that suppresses individual liberties, deprives its citizens of privacy and inculcates patriotic insanity. Right now Russia is in war with one of its neighbours (Ukraine) and has recently stolen parts of two other neighbours by force (Georgia and Moldova) and the official TV threatens with war Poland, Litva, Latvia and Estonia, and even Finland. I wonder how does Snowden reconcile his free spirit with the fascist regime of the country he chose to live in?

Comment It has been coming for quite a while (Score 1) 848

Russia has been turning into a fascist state for more than a decade. I am not surprised because they never really understood what is wrong with totalitarianism and have been lamenting the loss of their European colonies that took place in the 1990ies. The majority of Russians are primitive shameless people for whom being feared by the outside world is the ultimate satisfaction.

In contrast to that, the majority of Germans regrets that their country was a totalitarian monster 70-80 years ago. Regardless of the fact that Hitler's Germany was the single strongest country of that time and was undoubtedly feared.

Comment Russia has been turning into a fascist state (Score 4, Insightful) 878

for many years. The writing has been on the wall all the time. Those idiotic threats are just the tip of the iceberg. It would be wrong to downplay them with the arguments like "some idiot lost his nerves". The bellicosity has been on the rise in Russia for many years and no, the reason is not that they were unjustly insulted by the West. The fascist-like regime wants to expand and dominate. It is that simple. The fascizoids can never be stopped by appeasement. The appeasement did not work before WWII and will not work now. The only argument they understand is raw power. For them, politeness and tolerance are signs of weakness and met with derision. Maybe, I hope, one day the Russian people will kick the fascists out of power but for the forseeable future this is wishful thinking.

Well, international relations are heating up again, coffee-break is over and the West should better wake up and start doing something. If raw power is the only thing that can stop the bad guys, raw power we must accumulate.

Comment Clemency?! (Score 0, Troll) 573

Snowden chose to take part in a war. A war that takes place on many fronts; part of it is a real hot war (against the islamists - the scale may be not one of a total war but it is a real war with active killings), part of it is cold (against Russia and/or China - no shooting takes place on those fronts but there is some real struggle about shifting the power balance this or that way). Whose side one takes is a matter of preference. I personally feel part of the Western world and consequently I side with the US because the US is the only remaining real Western power. The hot war the US wages against the islamists keeps them pinned down in some remote (from my POV) locations. It is leftist myth that if the US withdraws the islamists will calm down; for a while, maybe, and then they will be upon us; they clearly seek control and domination. The US kinda decreased the pressure on Russia during Obama's presidency and we are witnessing the ill effects of that at the moment, Russia smothering Ukraine into submission. The EU has some ways to influence Russia but they are clearly insufficient and it is really sad to watch the EU senility and inability against the bold arrogance of Northern Asia.

Those wars are out there, like it or not. The US has done terrible wrongs but, from my POV, that is secondary to the fact the US is the only real power that can keep the Asian autoritarianism at distance. Information is absolutely vital for not losing a war (winning is impossible anyway) and what Snowden did, no matter what the motives, clearly hurt our side. To whine about "clemency" is ridiculous. He chose to switch sides himself. His former job was such that getting into neutral position for him is impossible. I doubt Russia will ever let him be free to move at will. Just like the USSR never trusted Kim Filby and kept him in a controlled environment, more a showcase rather then any asset of any value, I suspect now Snowden will be a pet monkey for the Kremlin satrap. However, if Snowden is let free, I will not shed any tears when the long arm of youknowwho reaches him.

Comment ridiculous... (Score 3, Insightful) 495

The impact on global climate would be NOTHING MEASURABLE whatsoever. Several years ago I read China is about to launch 700+ coal power stations by 2020. Sure, China will decommission other stations in that period, but the overall trend is obvious. Even if the whole Norway, not just the army, stops eating anything and even stops breathing to reduce the so called carbon footprint, the impact would be ... nothing. China alone will more than compensate :)

Comment In Russia, mafia == government (Score 0) 369

We have been knowing for a long time that in Russia, "government" and "organised crime" are pretty synonymous. Now we have a direct evidence: in all examples of detained Russian, the said citizens are known criminals. The government, however, does not deplore the fact they are criminals, it deplores the fact the criminals get caught.

Comment Nonsense (Score 2, Insightful) 440

The Earth's climate has always been changing and will be changing while the planet is alive. It is uncertain whether humans have measurable influence on those changes at all; the fact that people with clear financial interests claim so does not make it certainty. Even if we suppose there is a measurable influence it is still uncertain whether the human influence is setting the current trends -- there have been warm ages in the past, too. For instance, the Medieval Warm Period.

When I was growing up, i.e. the 70ies and the 80ies, the climate scare was The Big Bad Global Cooling. At the end of the 90ies and until recently, the climate scare was The Big Bad Global Warming. Then the scare mongers got smarter and now the scare is The Big Bad Climate Change Whatever It Is. Since the climate is always changing it is a perfectly safe bet it is going to change, somehow. To prevent the climate from changing is about as possible as to prevent the Earth from rotating :)

BTW, we have an unusually cold summer here in the Balkans.

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