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Comment Developing an in house spam system? (Score 1) 569

I remember reading (way back) where a system engineer/developer was told to implement a system that would allow the company to partake in spam campaigns. His way around the dilemma (do it or get fired)? He went ahead and implemented it, but made sure that any of the traffic this thing generated was properly blacklisted in the majority of the spam filters (before turning it on).

Comment Re:Youtube (Score 1) 394

You have a way to block the youtube ads? What do you utilize to do this? (I've also noticed that more and more yt ads no longer allow you to skip after 5 seconds, and even worse: (at least the yt client on android), that there are some videos that inject ads in the MIDDLE of the video I'm watching...the only reason why I continued to watch, is the content was decently produced and interesting

Comment Re:Kentucky Man (Score 1) 1197

Paging Spiderman...

Trying to be funny, BUT since the actual charges levied against this guy was due to him discharging a firearm. What if instead he had something somewhat like Spiderman's web shooters---CO2 powered instead of gunpowder, and the payload is some sort of glue like "netting" with a tether attached to it. Idea being that you have something to gum up the flight systems (to bring it down), and then the tether would allow you to potentially recover the device itself. (Main thought on the tether--this would be an easy way to prove that the device was within a certain radius of your home when you took it down)....

Comment Should use "Guerrilla Teaching" (Score 5, Interesting) 355

He didn't approach this in the correct way--rather than announce what is going on, he should "adjust" his curriculum on the remaining tests, projects and labs. First make the students sign a (re)acknowledgement about the school's policy on cheating & plagiarism. Next adjust the projects/labs--make them "in class"---you can work with people (including seeking info from the instructor/teachers assistants), but no internet, only allowed to use the course material etc. (I had a teacher who did this--and was interesting approach as you actually learned more than straight lectures). This mitigates plagiarism. Next bring in half a dozen people for the exams to proctor it (if this is where the bulk of cheating was happening). If you are caught, then it's a dead to rights thing, and you are turned into the university. This mitigates cheating. Finally, from personal experience, in some cases if you get a "D" in a class, you have still technically "passed" but most of the time you have issues later on if you try to use it (most universities won't accept it if you transfer for instance). Change up the tests (and curve) enough that the class still passes, but with a VERY low mark--enough that the majority of the students have a "D"

Comment Re:I like the open plan (Score 1) 314

They went over to this where I work (I call this the bullpen arrangement), and my biggest initial complaint was the managers were not in the bullpen with the rest of us. Thankfully at least some of the higher level execs had the wisdom to say "no that is not going to fly" and made them change it the offices are "break out/mini conference rooms"....

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