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Comment Still doesn't help some of us. (Score 1) 130

While the occasional woman likes a geek, us rarer gay geeks tend to not catch the eye of our mostly trendy shallow ilk. While I think my "I failed the turing test" shirt is witty and looks good on me, I'm immediately IDed as straight or laughable in a bar. My appearance is not sub par either. Maybe I should petition AE to start making apparel for my kind.

Comment Re:What? Why? Huh? (Score 4, Informative) 293

"children's cartoon shows"

Granted their intentions are dubious, there's no need to illegitimate a fandom because you don't appreciate it. Anime is marketed for ages up to 35 and covers a wide range of genres not appropriate for children for reasons ranging from violence and sexual content (hentai gore etc) to slow moving plots and novel based stories which children would find boring or would not understand. I doubt that Grave of the Firefly's could be classified as a children's cartoon show, neither could Monster, Mushishi, and the Ghost in the Shell is really marketed at older teens to those in their late 20's.

You may not have even heard of most of these and that is probably because US TV doesn't think they should bother showing anime that is more for an older crowd that can appreciate serious themes. Part of that is because they know that people like you will turn on the tv, see animation, and immediately classify it as a children's show and switch. I'm going to guess that you're either someone in their late 20's or above and that you've only been exposed to things like Naruto, Sailor moon, Pokemon, etc and had an entire childhood of cartoons for kids.

I am not going to ask you to research or explore this beyond your exposure, but I will ask that you please not make an uninformed generalisation about a whole medium based on maybe filtered exposure to one of it's genres. It would also be nice for you not to be a dick.

Now get off my lawn kudasai

Comment Re:Well, I've already had my DHS background check. (Score 1) 222

Ahhh yes, the ones that suggest that I (a recent college grad) should apply for DEPARTMENT HEAD OF IT PROJECTS or something asking me for 5 years project management experence over a mid sized team and a protfolio of completed large scale projects.

Well I've done some neat little projects, but I don't think leading a team in a math modeling comp counts and somehow, I think my supermod position on a yaoi slash site doesn't cut the bill for management experience. But after the damn near hundredth message, one actually sent to me by the dept. through monster, I actually put those things in a cover letter and sent it to them. I even called them and got the manager who actually apologized for sending me the requests through monster.

However being asked "What is yaoi slash?" by an HR person is what really made my day

Comment Re:Obligatory XKCD (Score 0, Offtopic) 360

I had heard that there was a community for gay Linux users, but was disappointed when I saw they all ran ubuntu. It was like going like going to a gay bar and finding out everyone there was "bi-curious" c.c I'm a gentoo boy and I appreciate a man who can compile his own binaries. You'd be over your shoulder checking out my "pasty white" ass too so can it.

Dear Troll: I'm gay, I'm a Linux user, I'm a geek, and I'm Fierce. So get off my lawn bitch!

Comment Re:But ... without HMOs how will people get well? (Score 1) 235

Some people have chronic health conditions that need monitoring. Or would you like me to just see how things roll without my psychiatric medication, appointments, or the means to pay for my in-patient treatment? Perhaps you'd like to put me up for a while in your downstairs closet instead?

I don't bite .... trust me ... >:D

Comment Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 439

"but when you're 35, you should be at the point where your other dreams are coming true."

*sniffs* Ahh the naivety. Either you're young and naive, or have had the opportunities to capitalize on your talents.

You should know though, a great number of people at that age have simply given up on their dreams (whether by laziness, misfortune, or a little bit of both) or have "revised" them to make them feel like less of a failure. At that point, after the realization that you cannot follow your dreams, what is the real difference between working a 9-5 and starting a family or living a recluse life aside from the stigmas attached to it? I don't fault them for becoming what they are. It is likely that the father, mother, and business man have all lost their "dreams". On this criteria, they have all equally failed. To call oneself a gamer at that age is simply accepting this reality, and (ironically) mature. I prefer to just accept them as the default, and there's nothing wrong with that. Mediocrity is everywhere. Accept it. It will make embracing it easier later on.

Comment Voicing (Score 1) 99

Narrator - Lyric mezzo
Lonely male hero - Spinto tenor
The only girl on the Internet - Lyric coloratura soprano
The Admin - Dramatic bass-baritone
The Troll - Buffo tenor
3 cam whores - 2 Lyric Soprano, 1 Lyric Mezzo,
Chorus of 13 y/o boys - Treble/counter-tenor
Anon chorus - Tenor, counter-tenor, basses, & baritones

Carl Orff sized orchestration with incessant humming fans and effect percussion.

Comment Re:Cause/effect doesn't matter. (Score 2, Insightful) 438

I think we should start with the people who are so ready to indulge in eugenics and not bat an eye. Next let's go with the rest people who think that they have the right to dictate people's worth to society on their own personal scale. Both categories, if they were serious, show little regard for human life.

I really don't like how you are seem to be referring to such people as "them" (that tone you have for "justify letting them walk around.") and how that could mean anyone that has a mental disorder which causes SOME people to commit atrocities. Particularly how it would make people avoid treatment. I understand how you'd want to keep those crazy potential psychos away from you and your tiny little world, but please don't talk from a high seat and decide who deserves to live and die or decide who can be free and who can live like an animal. Accept that there will always be people with problems and minds that don't function nicely in your world. When they go off, there's a decision to make in the courts based on their actions. Things they've actually done.

I admit I have a bias here as I am in treatment for a number of disorders, but I'm fine in sociaty when I keep up with my meds and such. I've worked very hard to relearn things and structure myself and have not committed any crimes. However, in your pipe dream I would have been raised so many red flags that I'm sure that I'd never see the light of day again. I'm sorry I'm not worth your chance, but I personally think that every human being is entitled to a chance and to be judged only by their actions.

No I probably wouldn't shed a tear if I saw you get hit by a bus, probably not even if you were a friend. Does that mean I'm going to push you in front of a bus though? As much as I'd like to rid the world of someone who'd think like you I respect your person-hood. Now if I could get away with it for sure ... I'd be very very tempted. In fact I could do it without really caring. I could even console you family pretending I cared. But I wouldn't because my beliefs require me to respect your right to live. My ability to do these things do not imply action.

Now what scares people I find is that they think that this means that I'm going to do it because I wouldn't suffer consequences. You seem to think that most people are only thinking of teh consequences or need them to keep you on the straight path. I'm not afraid like you are of doing these things. I personally find you a little weak for not being able to in fact. I for some reason don't do horrible things though. Most sociopaths don't act out on these things, or at least not to a great extent. See I live in complete freedom from the fear of consequences and feelings of grief that you do and I get to be moral only because I choose to follow what I know is right. Some sociopaths just choose to do horrible things anyway because it was an interesting choice. You think that stealing that bike will get you in trouble. I know I could do it and pull it off but I don't for some reason. Odd thing.

So at this point you should realize my point that sociopaths are simply more free. I personally don't think that they should be given much leeway in the courtroom because they naturally have MORE choice. Punishment will be ineffective anyway until you explain things on our terms, if we listen. Still, equal punishment must be served. Nothing more nothing less. You can never punish for things that have yet to happen for you are not a god and you cannot determine what I will choose or assume that I am immoral for my lack of inhibition.

When someone like you devalues me and people with similar conditions like this I do get rather ticked off. Thankfully with some time and learned self control I can say my peace, laugh, and tell you to go fuck yourself. =D

Comment Re:I've been unemployed for a year (Score 1) 1251

Online courses would be an option, unfortunately I've yet to find anywhere that offers a real analysis and either complex analysis or matrix analysis course online. I also definitely NEED a course in PDEs and modern algebra. I'm confident I'll be able to study and score well on the math GRE test but I need to brush up on many things.

I'm rather confident about being able to get into conservatory and the particular ones I'm looking at are all affiliated with a university that have math grad programs. I've found out that if I can test out of the first two semesters of music theory I'd have enough paid for hours to take the courses I want. However, after my current learning experience in college I'm going to be choosing very carefully as I don't want to waste 4 years on another piece of paper that saying I can sing without it helping me get to the next step in that track (young artist program most likely.) That's the only way I see myself getting the necessary coursework.

I've already got hospital debts in my name (In-patient stays are NOT cheap) so I can't max out cards like you did as my credit is suffering from differed payments. My total debt atm is somewhere around $10k-$15k between student loans and medical costs. I'm still unclear as to how much I need to pay ...

I love love LOVE Dover! Though some of their books are not great as teach yourself material. The Hamming numerical methods book is great for a thorough coverage of classical polynomial approximation theory, and Fourier approximation, but it doesn't get into any cool modern applications like codecs and such. Other dover books, like the Bryon and Fuller book on mathematical methods in classical and quantum physics is very choppy and poorly explained in a lot of parts. The MIT courseware site is pretty awesome and I've used that a lot. In the courses that there are videos, I think I've spent more virtual class time with in there then a lot of the actual students :P

I think as far as open-source projects go I need to get used to socializing in irc with developers and figuring out the right way to make myself initially helpful like you said.

Thank you for your advice.

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