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Comment Debt isn't the problem (Score 1) 743

You see the problem in terms of debt, but this isn't the real problem. The problem is lame, unqualified, prone-to-corrupt-and-clientelism politicians which are elected by uninformed citizens. The money of EU should be spent to increase economic and political awareness of the Greek people instead of just paying back debt or wages. The whole Greek public sector should be rebuilt from scratch. This doesn't require any "bright minds"; just copying successful (sub)systems from other countries. EU was available for help a lot during the last decades, but this wasn't leverages by the Greek system.

Comment Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Score 1) 452

M$ Natural 4000 all the way. Convenient and reasonably priced. A lot of people misdiagnose something as CTS, while in reality it could be just a stiff arm or neck or misaligned neck vertebrae or muscles that press on nerves. Trigger point therapy and serious physiotherapy (that sweetly hurts) can do miracles in that case.

Comment OpenOffice adoption (Score 1) 341

Hi to all, is OpenOffice really adopted by others in your day-to-day life (public services, schools/universities, public sector) as I read online the last years?

In Greece its use is negligible, as in "OpenOffice: Is this the new name of MS office? really?"... on the other hand we always are at least a couple of years behind the real world. :)

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