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Journal Journal: Page 23: Sentence 5

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

An object under Source Integrity control has three main components:

working file where you make your changes (always in a sandbox)

member history file where your history of changes is stored

revision number identifying (per project or variant) which version of the object is relevant for a given point in time.


Journal Journal: I can change the channel, can you?

I'm trying to figure out why other people think that they know whats best for me.

I respect the rights of people to tune into their local preacher on the radio and listen to him/her spin their tales of fantasy, but why do I not get the same respect when I want to listen to Howard Stern?

I know what to expect from Mr. Stern so I am well prepared to tune out or turn down my radio when I hear something that I don't like, why is it that other people can't grasp that simple concept? I'm not asking you to like him, you are free to make your own decisions on that (at least in my mind), WHY DO OTHER PEOPLE NOT RESPECT MY RIGHTS??? People have different beliefs, opinions, tolerances and values and what (you think) is good/bad for you may not be what I believe is good/bad for me. What upsets you may be something that I find insignificant and you may find that what upsets me is insignificant to you.

please, Please, PLEASE!!! STOP TELLING ME WHATS GOOD AND NOT GOOD FOR ME, I'm quite capable of figuring that out on my own.

Janet Jacksons Boob - Was on the tube for all of what? a second? or less? deal with it and move on, there are much more important things to worry about.

TPotC - Its a freakin movie for the Flaming Stick of Fuck, deal with it and move on, there are much more important things to worry about.

Gay Marriage - Who gives a crap, again there are more important things to worry about. Like I want my tax dollars going to pay for our "leaders" to debate this for weeks on end? NO!!!!

This country is regressing into a bunch of whining pussies who don't want anyone to have the freedom of individual responsibility or individual rights. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!


Journal Journal: Office Space 2

We just hired Milton, you know, the stapler guy.

This guy is identical, he looks like Milton, he talks like Milton, he must BE Milton.

I hope he doesn't burn the place down, I need this job.

Oh and by the way, all the geeks that went to your High school? They all work here...


Journal Journal: Mattel Football 5

Some of you may be old enough to remember this awesome (for the time) hand-held game from the 70's

For some reason I was thinking about it last week and how cool it would be to find a used one to buy. I didn't find a used one but while christmas shopping yesterday at Wal-Mart I found a re-release version called Mattel Classic Football 2 for $12.99. Its got some extra bells-and-whistles that the original one didn't have but appears to be a very close re-production. Looking forward to christmas so I can give it a good try.

Heres some links for reference:


Journal Journal: Mandrake Linux 8

I put a second drive in my Dell PC at work, downloaded and burned the Mandrake 9.2 ISO's and proceeded to TRY to install Mandrake.

Strike 1.) Boot off CD #1, start install, get to the searching for packages part and error out with "missing basesystem package" so I restart - CD doesn't work. Re-connect everything - still doesn't work. Replace CD reader.

Strike 2.) Boot off CD #1, start install, get to the searching for packages part and error out with "missing basesystem package" so I restart - CD doesn't work. Re-connect everything - still doesn't work. Replace CD reader.

Strike 3.) SAME FUCKING THING!!!! I have 3 readers that don't even power up now, WTF is with this shit????

I'm trying to like Linux, really I am. This just adds to the long list of BULSHIT you need to put up with to get up and running. Don't give me the "I never have any problems" crap because I can say that about Windows and I know that won't hold any water in an argument.

More Info: The CD stops working somewhere shortly after install commences and isn't working at all when the "missing basesystem package" which is the reason for that fucking error because it can't find the "missing basesystem package" because its ON THE CD!!!


Journal Journal: Linux - an accident waiting to happen 1

Linux Kernel Back-Door Hack Attempt Discovered and more here Thwarted Linux backdoor hints at smarter hacks

I'm seeing a new web site dedicated to the bashing of Linux and Linux vulnerabilities with Friends and Foes and Journals. It will be the bizarro world version of /. called ./

howellgm will write in his journal about the good-ol-days when Linux was secure

Journal Journal: Rush in Rio - DVD 1

Picked up the "Rush in Rio" DVD today. I haven't had a chance to see the whole thing yet but what I have seen is fantastic. This isn't like the "Chronicles" DVD where they just threw a bunch of old videos together, this is concert footage from the final stop of the Vapor Trails tour which ended late in 2002 in Rio.

This is a must-have for any Rush fans out there.

America Online

Journal Journal: This Just in... AOL ID10T5 1

Seems that the Egg Heads at AOL have now added Roadrunner Residential IP addresses into their list of blocked addresses for e-mail.

I'm on TIME WARNER Roadrunner

  554- (RTR:BB) The IP address you are using to connect to AOL is a dynamic (residential) IP address. AOL will not accept future e-mail transactions

  554- from this IP address until your ISP removes this IP address from its list

  554- of dynamic (residential) IP addresses.

The Roadrunner techs are on the case so this should be taken care of in a month or two.


Journal Journal: Grizzly Adams or "How I didn't survive getting eaten" 2

Anybody see this story?

Two campers are dead after a bear mauling in Katmai National Park. The park service says this is the first known bear-mauling fatality in Katmai's 80-year history. One of the people killed was a self-proclaimed bear lover who risked his life to live among the bears, despite repeated warnings from the National Park Service.

The real tragedy here is that not only is Mr. Treadwell and his girlfriend dead (not the tragic part IMO) but Rangers and Troopers had to kill 2 bears while recovering the bodies. The Rangers and Troopers will probably get the brunt of the criticism while Treadwell will be seen as a Hero.

During an appearance on "Late Night with David Letterman," Treadwell referred to the bears as "harmless party animals."

Um yea, Harmless Party Animals.



Journal Journal: Finally, the week I've been waiting for... 4

The sport of all sports starts on Wednesday.

Of course I'm talking about - Hockey.

Get your fill this year, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire next September and we may have to go without Hockey while they negotiate a new one (the 04-05 season could be non-existent).

Oh and - Go Sabres!!!


Journal Journal: Dreamcatcher 2

Dreamcatcher was released on DVD yesterday so I went to Wal-Mart after work and picked it up.

I read the book so I was prepared to be disappointed, I wasn't. Oh sure, they didn't follow the book to the letter (it would have been a 4-5 hour movie had they done that) and they took some shortcuts, but all-in-all it followed the story rather well. The problem, as I see it, is that people who didn't read the book may have a hard time figuring out exactly what is going on.

Couple of notes:
Donnie Wahlberg as the older Duddits (the acting was fine but there is just something about that which is funny)
If you get the DVD check out the "One worm kills" outtake, its funny.
I liked the movie version of the ending but there is an alternate ending on the DVD which, while rather boring, comes closer to the book ending (though not exactly)

Following the "Flaming Stick of Fuck" thread (I couldn't find the link) I hearby give you the following (with the appropriate usage)

I don't give a "toothy shit weasel" (feel free to work that one into your conversations) what you think, I liked the movie.

Data Storage

Journal Journal: Prepping for Isabel

The company I work for has 3 offices in the DC/VA/MD area. We're making advanced preparations for the "possibility" of Isabel causing some problems since she will make landfall somewhere in that area tomorrow. We are running full backups of all servers tonight and sending them home with someone. We ran fulls at the beginning of the week and had them shipped to the home office. I'm checking all the APC software to make sure the servers will be shut-down gracefully in the event of power failure. There has been a discussion of just shutting them down early and waiting out the storm. I'd rather NOT shut anything down unless absolutely necessary.

The projected path after landfall is somewhere into the western to central New York area which could cause problems here in Syracuse. In 1972, Hurricane Agnes (at Category 1 when it made landfall in the Florida Panhandle) eventually tracked into southern New York / Pennsylvania and caused major flooding. Isabel could turn out to be worse than Agnes(just my thoughts).

Journal Journal: Do you Amazon? 4

I'm really digging this "Used" books option on Amazon.

I recently picked up 2 books that would cost $50 new, I got them both for $6.12 (about $13 total including shipping)

What were they?
The Waite Group's Unix System V Primer
Passport to World Band Radio 2002

Yea, not even remotely related to each other.

Journal Journal: Just Because

Because is NOT a reason, but its good enough of a reason to post this...

I see red
And it hurts my head
Guess it must be something
That I read

It's the color of your heartbeat
A rising summer sun
The battle lost or won
The flash to fashion
And the pulse to passion
Feels red
Inside my head
And truth is often bitter
Left unsaid
Said red, red
Thinking about the overhead
The underfed
Couldn't we talk about something else instead?

We've got mars on the horizon
Says the national midnight star
(It's true)
What you believe is what you are
A pair of dancing shoes
The soviets are the blues
The reds
Under your bed
Lying in the darkness
Dead ahead

And the mercury is rising
Barometer starts to fall
You know it gets to us all
The pain that is learning
And the rain that is burning
Feel red
Still...go ahead
You see black and white
And I see red
(Not blue)

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