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Journal Magdalene's Journal: There really aught to be a 'write in friend's Journal' Tab 1

So Im here at 436 having not been able to sleep. Tried to go to bed at 10, 11, and 12 respectively and then got up to watch a couple episodes of the HouseMD season 2 box set that has recently landed in my home. went back to bed at 2, still no luck watching the clock at 3 and 4 and now here I am at 4.36 posting to /. yay. . Sleeping pills aside. (go away and come back with some of your little friends!!! quaaludes perhaps! HAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahaha!) My active frontal cortex chuckled gleefully at 10 pm.

Even now the old standards arent working. I even tried my old standby ' the anatomy of the eye'

"the frontal cilliary bodies attach to the supracilliary bodies..."

usually has me out like a light before i finish the second paragraph...

But here I am. pondering if it is worth tryiing to get any sleep now that it is closing in on dawn. I have early morning work to do.aieeeee. ah well... if only there were a pocket bible in the house, a couple of chapters of numbers would have me out like a light. the only one I have thought is i giant 18th century family bible complete with gold plated clasps in quattro format with full leather binding.. not a book to read in bed... sigh. If you see me tomorrow I may be having an out of body experience... asleep at the keyboard.

night night (hopefully).....(now where did I put Volume one of the pocket britannica set A to Asleep)


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There really aught to be a 'write in friend's Journal' Tab

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  • One guy did, and brought it back to the library, complaining it had too many characters and not enough plot ...

    "So you're the one who took our phone book!"

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