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Comment Re:Interesting spin (Score 1) 117

Well the Quake 3 engine is most definitely cross platform, and is being ported to many architectures (as seen by the ioquake3 posts here), but I think the real battle id is facing is not getting the engine itself running, but getting it to run inside the target web browsers. As far as I can tell each browser platform does this in a slightly different way, and I think there are already separate builds for IE and Firefox on Windows to accommodate this.

Comment make-frame-on-display (Score 1) 412

I'm not an Emacs user, however I have lately tried to use it a little and become more comfortable with it. One thing I think is really cool is being able to do M-x make-frame-on-display and then have a new frame appearing on a display (obviously). This is pretty useful for collaborative editing more than anything. I wish such a feature existed in Vi/Vim :(

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