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Comment Wrong end of the stick (Score 1) 448

I think most people have missed the point. The uproar over this is not caused by Apple following the law and paying no tax. The uproar is caused by the imbalance of power this highlights between the rich and poor as well as the NZ governments seeming lack of interest in actually doing anything about it.

Comment Everybody leaves out responsibility (Score 1) 364

Everybody leaves out responsibility. It makes it easy, if the child is on the road, then hit the child. If the child is in a playground, then kill the passenger. And before someone says children aren't responsible for themselves, no, they largely aren't. It is the parents responsibility in this case. 50 people running onto a motorway should not result in 5 dead passengers as the cars zoom over a cliff, it should result in -insert number- dead people.

Comment It's a feel good scam.... (Score 1) 138

It's a feel good scam.

To quote RNZ,"New Zealand's target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 11 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 remains conditional on aspects of the Paris deal that have not yet been nailed down, namely that there are functioning and transparent carbon markets in place."

Add that to our the recent Morgan Foundation report labelling New Zealand a climate change cheat for dealing in dodgy Carbon Credits, the utter failure of our government to rein in our dairy industry and the widespread degradation of the environment here we are not really doing anything except making the rich richer.

What I don't get is that they are still, local bodies included, happily building infrastructure on land that their own people tell them will be be flooded or underwater in fifty years. They don't care, they don't believe, and they don't want to deal with it.

Comment A couple of things. (Score 1) 232

  • This looked like a planned advertisement for Apple.
  • They have now proven that any company smaller than Apple (the largest company in the world?) that wants to fight them will lose millions of dollars.
  • This should be an abuse of the law. In that, if I don't like the precedent I am setting I can drop the case while waiting for better circumstances.
  • There is a weird double standard going on where previously they needed to rewrite every law for the Internet and now they are happy to use 19th century law.
  • This has been another example of Lawfare and, if it isn't stopped, it will destroy our legal system.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy (Score 1) 341

"There is no explicit right to privacy to be found anywhere in the Constitution or amendments."
There is no explicit right to breath either. There is, however, a pre-dating right of trespass and that is exactly what privacy was back then. You had land, you didn't want anyone on it then you could throw them off or stop them coming onto it without permission.

Comment What have you created that someone hasn't before? (Score 1) 328

The original term was 14 years, are you saying that in a time where the market is insanely bigger, the cost of creation is insanely smaller, and worldwide distribution is almost free you believe you should have a longer license to control your creation? That's insane.

You do point out one of the problems though, that copyright has become a trade-able commodity. If you are a creator, then copyright should always be held by you, for your life, but shouldn't be able to be passed on or sold off in my view.

Another problem is who really creates? You are releasing a trilogy of novels. Without having read them, what have you created? A new language? A new technology? A relationship that hasn't already been written about before? There are roughly 129,000,000 books in existence. What have you created that someone hasn't before?

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