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Comment Source of heat inside the earth (Score 0) 75

Why wouldn't friction be the source of heat? The very center of the earth has a balanced gravity pull outwards in every direction, creating a gradient that should condense the heavier atoms around the mantle. The internal core is spinning at a different rate that the crust creating a velocity gradient between the core, crust, and mantle. Regardless if there was no nuclear energy in the core, the friction alone should be substantial. And we know solid particles make up the core. Ancient Earth had some rather nasty experiences with meteors. That solid core settles to the center, but basic common sense would suggest massive meteor strikes would bounce that baby around like a rattle, fracturing the crust and mantle from the inside out not much different than how a baseball to the head can cause the brain to strike the opposite side of the head and create a skull fracture. The core being off center for any length of time has to ratchet up the internal friction.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Lumines Exploit Allows Homebrew on All PSPs

YokimaSun writes: Noobz have today released a new exploit in the game Lumines — allowing unsigned code to be ran!, from the article:" Following research in conjunction with Archaemic, Noobz are proud to present the first ever all-firmware exploit for the PSP. Based on Lumines, the "Illuminati" exploit is a user-mode exploit using a buffer overflow in the savedata file — similar to the GTA exploit. That's right — if you've got a legal UMD copy of Lumines, then you can run homebrew on your PSP — whatever the firmware version. That includes v3.50! Right now, the only homebrew is the Hello World demo released below — but in future we intend to release a HEN and downgrader."

Feed Science Daily: Type 1 Diabetes And Heart Disease: Heavier May Mean Healthier (sciencedaily.com)

Researchers studying links between an early sign of heart disease called coronary artery calcification and body fat have found that, paradoxically, more fat may have some advantages, at least for people -- particularly women -- who have type 1 diabetes. Cardiovascular complications, including heart disease, are a leading cause of death for people with diabetes, who tend to suffer cardiovascular disease decades earlier than non-diabetics.

Feed Science Daily: Breakdown Products Of Widely Used Pesticides Are Acutely Lethal To Amphibians, S (sciencedaily.com)

The breakdown products (oxons) of the three most commonly used organophosphorus pesticides in California's agricultural Central Valley -- chlorpyrifos, malathion and diazinon -- are 10 - 100 times more toxic to amphibians than their parent compounds, which are already highly toxic to amphibians, according to recent experiments.

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