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Comment Megakey (Score 1) 101

According to German IT news site[1] , to get the free music, users have to install a "megakey"-software on their computers, which acts like an ad-blocker for your browser, but instead of just blocking ads on websites, it will replace 15% of ads with Megabox ads.

Does anyone else see a problem with this? For me, that's a no-go.


Submission + - German "Die Piratenpartei" (Pirate Party) gets 2% 1

the_doctor_23 writes: "The German Piratenpartei managed to win 2% of the votes in yesterdays federal election.
While they will not be represented in parliarment due to a 5% minimum threshold,
this is none the less a remarkable feat for the young party modeled after Sweden's Piratpartiet.
According to polls the pirates attracted as many as 13% of the first time voters."

Submission + - Pirate Party Germany at 2% on German Federal Elect (

krischik writes: "The German Pirate Party received 2% of the votes on last Sundays federal elections in Germany. While this is not enough the pass the 5% / 3 direct seats minimum requirement to enter parliament it is still more then the 1.5% Green Party received on there first run in 1980. At it's time the Green Party needed three runs to enter parliament. The Pirate Party is now the strongest of the minor parties.

For those who wonder: Seats in the German Parliament are half assigned by direct votes and half assigned by proportional representation. To qualify any seats from the proportional pool you need 3 seats from direct candidates or 5% of proportional votes."

Comment Disconnecting (Score 1) 192

Seriously what's it with the disconnecting after a lost game?

It happens in 90% of my Street Fighter IV games on PSN. Even if those guys played and won multiple games in a row against me, most disconnect after only one lost game, some even after one lost round.

Do these people have no balls? Pathetic.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Unreal Tournament 3 "Titan Pack" Expansion Coming In March 67

An anonymous reader writes with news that Unreal Tournament 3 will be getting a free expansion called Titan Pack on March 5th. It will contain a variety of new maps, and two new game modes: Greed and Betrayal. There will also be new weapons, deployables, and achievements. IGN's preview of the expansion mentions a few more improvements, such as an improved voting system and client-side demo recording for the PC version. Quoting: "... the most obvious addition to the series is the new Titan. As you play through the game, killing enemies, completing goals and generally avoiding damage, you'll build up your Titan meter. Once it fills up, you can instantly mutate into a 15' tall Titan. The Titan has massive health, a decent shield belt and can fire homing rockets. Oh, and he can also pound the ground to knock back any enemies that get too close. In short, the Titan is a real game changer."

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