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Comment Re:15 240 meters (Score 1) 327

1. Most Britons don't fly, making it a non-issue
2. 8 km to 5 miles, so just pretend the speedo is written in hex to give you km/h
3. People are the only thing that's measured in stone, and it's more convenient to use the Fat Bastard scale, since that takes height into account

Comment Re:Or they're terrified (Score 1) 921


You're scared of that, not me.

4. there is no true morality except for whatever you and/or society decides to makeup at that point in time.

Yeah, and the church certainly hasn't changed its mind about what is right and wrong during history, nor supported torture, murder and ethnic cleansing.

6. no point in helping others

You're just fucking wrong there. Plenty of atheists believe in giving money to those less well off. I certainly do.

Comment Re:The Problem with New CS/IT Grads (Score 1) 328


Anyone ever tried to match kernel oops hex dumps to the C code that's faulting? it's fucking hard, even if you know C and the instruction set that's in use.

(For those who don't know oopses, it's the dump of the CPU registers and - on MIPS at least - the last sixteen instructions executed IN HEX. It's the moral equivalent of a SEGV in kernel space.)

Comment Re:Poor kids... (Score 1) 328

At the risk of also being an elitist prick:

four OS's is overkill - you know the one you grew up with, and UNIX.

Discrete Math is the spawn of the devil. Continuous math (analysis, topology) is much more fun

Three years after finding out that you know nothing about CS, you get a job and find out that a) you know nothing about programming for a living, and b) CS is nothing to do with programming for a living.

Actually, last night I was dreaming about a problem and thinking, "it would be really good if I had access to a Maple installation at this point...". Odd, but true.

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