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Comment Your message has been sent (Score 1) 730

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 8:49 AM, *********** wrote:

I'm sure this email will be read and responded to by an automated system, as apparently automated systems handle most customer-facing touch-points at Rumblefish.

Let me mention a few keywords that your text-mining software might include in the next monthly report as a word cloud that a human looks at for a few seconds before deciding everything is hunky dory:


Great job! Does your system recognize sarcasm?

- MadJeff

Comment Re:OOh (Score 1) 803

People should reinstall their Windows from scratch at least once a year.

I think that's a matter of opinion. I find that I'm pretty good at keeping the malware off and my disk defragged. I'm not a sys admin, so I only have to deal with my machines and my family's, but still ...

Comment Re:I'm sick (Score 1) 461

I'm sick of people calling this a "successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise". They made one cotton-picking movie, for crying out loud. You can call it a successful reboot after they've made maybe a couple of movies, or gotten a second highly rated season of TV out of it. Until then, it is just marketing hype

I'm sick of people endlessly making sequels. I watched Rambo: First Blood a couple of months ago and was shocked at how good it was.

Comment Re:Glad to see.. (Score 1) 1188

They were idiots, they may be normal people. That's OK, normal people can be idiots too. But they were idiots.

It's really easy to call people idiots while having the benefit of hindsight, not to mention reading all the comments that have already been made on the topic.

Put yourself in their shoes: burglaries are a big problem in their neighborhood; a car with a big camera drives by "casing" your neighborhood. What do you do?

You probably wouldn't do anything, most people are apathetic about their own futures. I applaud the person who noticed the car, drew a quick conclusion, and decided to take action. That's leadership.

Comment Re:My Spore DRM woes (Score 1) 554

if you patch the game, uninstall, and reinstall the unpatched version, IT WILL NOT WORK, and the only component I can think of that would cause this is the DRM. Thanks EA, for making your paying customers prefer the pirated versions of your programs.

Sorry, how confident are you that the DRM is to blame here? Uninstallers often leave behind old libraries, which can cause problems during a re-install.

I'm no fan of DRM either but still ...

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