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Comment Might just be a pentest (Score 1) 238

You might want to check the small print in whatever contract the independent practice has with the hospital. There's a chance hospital IT has hired a security firm to do a security assessment of their network, and that would include you in the scope as well.

Even if you aren't necessarily *in* the scope of the assessment, you are an attack vector into the hospital's own network and as such you will probably be probed and poked at.

Step 1 would be to ask hospital IT for the paperwork on the security assessment and see what's in scope and what's not, and if you aren't in scope, a firm statement to the effect of "get the f*ck out of my machines" would hopefully do the trick.

Following it up with some better agreements on who notifies who when things like this go down would also be a good step.

If hospital IT stays unresponsive involve law enforcement.

Comment Re:Not for me... (Score 1) 318

The problem is that management often insists on a certain pairing that doesn't work. In my case, pairing me with someone fresh out of college would result in a serious amount of tension, because I have to spend too much time explaining things that, realistically, aren't very difficult to grasp.

Put me with someone who's been around the block for a year or two, and it works out because they often have an understanding of the *why* - and it makes it easier to pass along knowledge.

Personally, I will stand with my position that pair programming is to be avoided at all cost. It might work for some people and projects, but doesn't work for everything.

This is a subject similar to open plan offices; everyone has an opinion, and realistically nobody will ever agree on what's better - so let's just agree to disagree and call it a day :D

Comment Not for me... (Score 1) 318

Pair programming to me is just a bunch of snake oil. I've tried it a few times, once voluntarily and the rest of the time under pressure. Why it doesn't work for me is probably a highly subjective thing, but here goes...

1) Switching "driver's seat" requires that you keep getting back into that state of mind that gets things done; highly inefficient and annoying.

2) If you're paired with an inexperienced developer, you spend most of the time hand-holding; correcting a missing ; is one thing, having to explain why doing things in a certain manner is a bad idea(tm) can take up more time than you would've spent just doing things on your own

3) Like many programmers, I dislike having someone look over my shoulder.

Personally, I'm perfectly happy if a spec comes in, code is written, and it's peer-reviewed after the fact. If you have a problem, bounce it around with some co-workers, maybe do some sample code as an impromptu pair, and then each goes back to their own thing. That, to me, is much more efficient.

Then again I'm an old fogey, and eXtreme Programming, Agile, and this pair programming hooha is just a way for a lot of people to make obscene amounts of money giving talks about it. I've not seen a single "agile" project go out the door the way it should have and I've never seen pair programming be more efficient than the "old ways".


Comment Business as usual, move along... (Score 3, Informative) 184

I live in Indonesia, just so we've got that out of the way (read that as: I know what I'm talking about). This is business as usual, these "blockades" are nothing more than some cheap DNS tricks, and depending on your ISP either changing your DNS servers to Google or OpenDNS or just running a little proxy will get you around it just fine.

The only reason this is news is that the presidential elections are going to be happening in 2014 and a lot of officials are already jockeying for position, considering the current president is most likely on his way out in a hurry. The minister in question (Tifatul Sembiring) is also a totally technically clueless guy, so he just dictates "block stuff" and Indonesia being Indonesia, ISP's may or may not actually get it right and block things.

So, just business as usual, move along...

P.S. It's not "Indonesia's holy month" by the way, it's an Islamic thing, it's being observed world wide.

Comment Re:Probably lost the sale, too! (Score 4, Informative) 339

The terrain they chose is basically known for having an inordinately high amount of plane crashes, mostly due to the fact the weather in the area can change very rapidly.

The local newspaper stated that the jet wanted a flight level below the peak of the mountain they impacted, which is generally considered a bad idea if you're a pilot not familiar with the terrain.

(yes, I live in Jakarta)

Comment Re:You shouldn't. Nobody should. (Score 3, Insightful) 240

And MD5 salts were (and if I'm not mistaken, still are) the default. So by default, you'd be insecure.

The bigger point is that *even though the PHP core's own unit tests failed, they still shipped a release* - this is an indication that the PHP core team has no clue. You do not ship a release when your core unit tests *are failing*.

Comment 9-3 4tw! (Score 1) 756

9-3 for me. I learned 10-2 but it's uncomfortable. I've got long legs so I need to rack the seat back all the way to be comfortable on the pedals, so 9-3 is about the best spot to be for holding the wheel.

I do think that any lower than 9-3 is dangerous, since it won't let you react very quickly since your hands are in a position where you have to think about what you're doing instead of just having things happen on reflex.

Comment Re:Production values (Score 2) 332

Sorry, you're wrong there. You don't have to buy anything since most sponsors (the people you promote) provide you with content. Of course, it's over-used. Buying it yourself isn't a must, but is recommended.

Paying for link placement is something you don't do either, you either generate your own traffic, or you might as well get out of the business altogether.

Paying for hosting: yep. You do have to do that. Just like any other business out there...

As far as a 0.00001% conversion rate, if that's what you converted at, you were doing it wrong. With a 2% ctr on ads and a 1:750 conversion rate (which is about the average), you can still turn a decent income.

However, the days of putting up some porn and sitting back while the money rolls in are long gone. It's a 40+ hour per week job that you have to work at in order to get paid, and being what it is, any unrest in the world that upsets the economy is going to directly impact your bottom line. Porn is a luxury item, after all. There's also a bunch of legalities you have to deal with, and if you have no idea what you're doing, have no idea about advertising or writing sales pitches, you're better off not even thinking about it.

And yes, I've done adult from 1996 to 2009, give or take.

Comment Re:What rights? (Score 1) 1059

That was kind of the point of my earlier reply. The problem the people of the USA are facing is that their government is very quietly turning it into a police state.

And make no mistake, it is happening. Just look at the news on any foreign website about the USA and you will see that your rights are being eroded by the day - and not just any rights, but these days, the first 5th amendments of the US constitution seem to be treated as an "optional" thing - instead of the rock solid "this is how it is, and will be" they were before.

And why am I as a non-US citizen so fired up about it? Because I've got many friends in the US, and out of the 10 I have regular contact with, 9 are itching to GTFO and go find their luck somewhere else. Now all 9 of these guys and gals are opinionated little bastards and bitches like myself, so maybe that's not really representative of the population at large, but it should be a big bad signal flag.

Comment Re:What rights? (Score 1) 1059

Oh, really? You honestly think that? Let's see... USA goes to war in Iraq because of WMD's. No WMD's. USA goes to war in Afghanistan to find and kill Osama, after years, they finally did kill him but there have been no improvements there otherwise. The Patriot act, SOPA, NDAA, and so on. All these things are either law, or about to be, because people like you keep insisting "oh, that will *never* happen. Our government wouldn't do that to us".

Wake up, they can, they will, and they are.

For me that's reason enough to not go to the USA, ever, again. And believe me, I'm not the only foreign national to think like that - many of the people I know refuse to go to the USA for leisure or for work, many companies I deal with on a daily basis are looking for alternatives to doing business in the USA and are instead expanding towards SE Asia and Australia.

If the US government keeps going at the rate they've been going, very soon, the USA will resemble the cold war USSR.

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