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Comment That's too bad... (Score 3, Informative) 238

The only wireless router I've ever owned that didn't need to be rebooted all the time (or ever) and didn't have weird compatibility problems with certain clients that needed their wifi toggled to fix weird performance and latency issues. Yes, you can complain about the configuration and interface, but you do that like once, and the rest of the time you hope to leave the thing alone.

Now - where can I buy a router this isn't full of sales gimmicks and just works right? Clearly going to the high-end of consumer routers doesn't cover that.

Comment Pure FUD (Score 1) 351

I'm sure _no one_ at Tesla has gotten someone "on the horn" and planned out their capacity for the next several years. Also of course production cannot be expanded at any battery plant or new plants built, because of the oh-so-precious resource that is lithium, one of the most abundant elements on earth, right behind Carbon and Chlorine.

Why is this trash on slashdot?

Comment Re:Let's compare the two (Score 2) 559

* Can you power a Tesla Model S with non-polluting renewable energy?
* Can you power a gasoline SUV with non-polluting renewable energy?

One should think about those two questions for a moment before saying that the Tesla pollutes more than an SUV.

I'm not going to let your facts get in the way of my insanity!

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 3, Insightful) 167

All true but I don't know why rebuttals have to be so complicated:

Broder didn't charge the car to full, charged it less at each charging opportunity, and didn't bother plugging in overnight, cold night or not. Then he hit the road when the car told him he would not make it.

No one that owns a smartphone can say what he did wasn't moronic or malicious.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 650

So where's the data that shows that rich people aren't left lane hogging road raging jackasses like most other people? How about the guy last week in a Z4 that almost caused an accident as he tried to cut me off in the left lane, the only reason being he thought I was going too fast. Anecdotal evidence for sure, but at least I have some form of evidence.

Comment Re:Lots of failures there. (Score 0) 297

Assembly failure - leave a rag.
Inspection failure - did not check for rag.
Pre-flight final inspection - still did not find the rag.

Wow, complete failure all the way down the line from assembly to mating with the launch vehicle.

You could say it's 3 failures - but it's not. What it is is that no single person really cares about this launch, it's just a jobs program for many many people. I see it happen everyday - fortunately we don't lose $2 billion dollar satellites, but the same principle applies.

If there was a Orville Wright or a Steve Jobs or even a Jeff Bezos in charge of this satellite, this wouldn't happen. Although this is easier said than done, I'm sure there are many dedicated people who would make it their life and death mission to make sure it succeeded - but they are held in check by everyone else participating in the "jobs program". I have no idea how to fix this, but it's a problem everywhere around the world.

Comment You don't (Score 1) 659

Clearly the technical stuff he will educate himself on, and ask for the things he needs in order to do so. The only thing you have to be concerned about is social skills, and having some semblance of normality in childhood.

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