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Comment Temporary Foreign Workers (Score 2) 401

I live in Canada, and we're going through something similar with a 'temporary foreign workers program'. Workers are brought in from other countries because people aren't willing to work for the salaries that the employers deem affordable... that's not how a free market works... is it?
The Canadian government has been put on the spot to the point, that they actually have to act on behalf of Canadian WORKERS, rather than employers.

Keeping fighting to keep this issue current and in the news. It's terrible for the workers, it's terrible for your country, and in the long run it's terrible for the employers.

At the risk of sounding like a HR/CEO cliche, the most valuable asset for a tech company is its people. Also, quantity does not equal quality.
Cliches are sometimes based in truth.

Comment Re:Where will this end? (Confused Canadian) (Score 2) 986

I'm a Canadian and I'm confused.
As I see it, Americans take pride in individualism. If the U.S. government does too much, or gets too big, it's 'Socialism', or even worse 'Communism'.
The constitution, defends the right to bear arms, so don't even think about limiting rights to guns. The constitution is sacred...

If the government wants to monitor every thought in the country, even through it's unconstitutional, and it's secret...
go ahead...
I'm sure you have a good reason...

Where's the individualism, where's the fight for the constitution, isn't the government too big....
What am I missing?

Comment Could Cigarettes Modulate the Effects of Soda? (Score 1) 287

The problem with this type of science is that it only examines one variable at a time.
I strongly suspect that those children that are smoking cigarettes with their soda will be mellowed out, but sadly the study failed to even consider this, which leads to unnecessary alarmist reactions.

Comment Re:I don't want to say it's not serious (Score 5, Insightful) 539

I've toured several Asian factories and this is the reality of Asian work life. People live in factory dormatories, work 6 VERY long days a week, and sleep at their desks when they get tired. We can pretend that we're shocked, but we all know that goods from Asia are dirt cheap and yet we never seem to ask "WHY"? Is this willful blindness? Until we start imposing tariffs based on unequal labour standards, this will never change.

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