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Comment Re:Come on! (Score 4, Interesting) 583

I lived in the area for three years, and your description is hilariously accurate. The only thing I'd add is that nicknames ("duck boots" comes to mind) were quite prevalent, especially within the greater "Friesen" clan since it's far and away the most common surname. I'm surprised you didn't mention Klassen, since I knew more of them than most of the names on your list.

Comment Hmm. (Score 0) 312

Is it just me, or is it all fine and dandy for so many non-Americans (be it Belgian teenagers, Australian journalists, or whomever) to support WikiLeaks, when WikiLeaks hasn't launched a smear campaign against their own nations? I understand and support the stated purpose of bringing to light corruption, fraud, malfeasance, etc but so much of their recent material has nothing to do with any of that... and everything about furthering an Anti-American agenda. As much as we do things that anger you (rightly so, often enough) we also do many otherwise laudatory things that are often unremarked on or taken for granted. My country's not perfect, but neither is anyone else's.

Comment Re:Congrats! (Score 1) 559

I won't repeat what others have said, but I'd like to point out that scanners don't do jack if someone gets into the middle of a security line and blows everyone up long before they even get onto their plane. All a suicide bomber needs is a large crowd, and what better way to take as many people possible than by getting into the middle of a long and slow-moving line at a security checkpoint? Or a bus, train, shopping mall, sporting event, etc etc?

Submission + - Texas approves conservative curriculum (

Macharius writes: Today, the Texas Board of Education approved 11-4 a social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks, stressing the role of Christianity in American history and presenting Republican political philosophies in a more positive light. The article goes on to mention that Texas's textbook approvals carry less influence than it used to due to digital localization technology, but is that even measureable given how many millions of these textbooks will still be used across the country?

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