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Comment Good luck best Buy (Score 1) 503

They don't want to take a return? They can duke it out with Visa/Mastercard/Amex as I'll just call by credit card company and reverse the charge on the grounds that they wouldn't accept a return. I normally hate to pull that card especially on small mom and pop stores but I'll make an exception for corporate douche bags.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 186

The thing is, While Lightsquared has a legitimate clame to use that spectrum and the FCC said "sure go ahead and use it for that, test it, etc". Some engineer at Lightsquared *should* have known this would be an issue. Instead Lightsquared has pretended to be ignorant and stuck deals for funding, etc going forward. Just because they got "permission" to use the spectrum doesn't absolve them of some due diligence to be aware that they were doing something that was likely to cause major waves.

They did indeed get a shitty deal, but the information was available to them at the time to see it coming.

Comment Re:Remote wipe requires remote signal, yes? (Score 1) 383

Blackberries specifically have additional features that can trigger a wipe if the device fails to check in within a specified amount of time. While this could at least be delayed by pulling the battery, you better not power it up later in a shielded lab or it will nuke itself first thing. To deal with that potential, they would have to treat all devices as potentially having that feature and would need to leave them powered off and deal with reading the date directly out of the device memory. Blackberries (if configured to do so) encrypt the device memory with a key protected by the users pin. A wipe of the device first nukes the key and then actually does a secure erase of the flash memory also (takes ~90 min).

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