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Comment Blame? (Score 1) 191

It will be interesting to see if Drumpf supporters will blame Drumpf when they suddenly have to pay their ISP extra in order to reasonably stream Netflix videos, and more again to watch youtube videos, and more again to listen to spotify...

Somehow I doubt it... they'll just blame the greedy corporations for doing what capitalist corporations do without recognizing the hypocrisy of loudly complaining about capitalists while staunchly supporting capitalism.

Comment Standing. (Score 3, Insightful) 99

As she has released her photos into the public domain she has no standing to sue for damages. Getty Images, and anyone else, is free to use the images as they see fit, including selling them.

But Getty shouldn't be getting away scott free, as the images are in the public domain they have no standing to sue anyone for using the images without a license.

This is not an area the legal system is setup to handle very well.

Comment Re:You can't (Score 1) 1321

Your experiences are the same as mine here in Canada. But note, the US ballots are much more complex than Canadian ones, not only is the typical US voter voting for President, they are also voting for Senator, Congressman, judges, school boards, Governor, state officials, other local officials, ballot initiatives, etc.

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