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Comment It's a bad idea... (Score 1) 110

Automatic Updates on any sort of mission critical system is a bad idea. Over the Air automatic updates are even worse.

How bad does the situation have to get before people will start to build in proper security starting from the design stage. Every industry using electronics in their products needs to hire a bunch of paranoid security engineers and give them veto power over everyone else.

Comment What's wrong with the argument? (Score 1) 951

Nothing can continue to expand at a geometric rate forever -- that's what's wrong.

Now that you have proposed this concept, your next task is to develop a way to test it. If there is no way to test it then it's a meaningless distinction.

We are bound by reality, the nature of reality is a moot point as it's unknowable, you can't step outside of reality to examine it. Anything outside of reality is, by definition, unreal. So your theoretical simulation is, by definition, unreal and therefore does not exist. QED.

Comment Re:If we're living in a computer simulation, (Score 1) 951

then will the owners please debug the code and/or get the hardware fixed? I'm getting sick and tired of glitches like 'Real Housewives', Kardashians, and Donald Trump.

There is no problem with the hardware, the user keeps wacking the Sim-Universe's "Natural Disaster" button.

Comment Re:Trump appeals to all denominators (Score 3, Informative) 751

I don't know if my mind is blown but it's certainly confused. Your first question is unclear, do you mean is there anything that he has said that I believe, or do you mean will I believe anything he says regardless of how bat shit crazy it is? And what do you mean by believe? Do I believe he said it? Do I believe he thinks it's true? If it's not an opinion do I think the things he says are objectively true? If it's an opinion do I agree with it? And your final sentence I can't parse at all.

Comment Re:Moral relativity (Score 1) 260

The problem is if you start target me with ads for AA just because I bought a bottle of Scotch. You're defaming me by implying that I'm an alcoholic.

If I was pregnant woman and suddenly started getting anti-choice ads I'd be pissed, either I'm not planning on having an abortion in which case your ads are just harassing me or I'm planning on having an abortion and you're butting into my private life.

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