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Comment Re:Okay - that was quick. (Score 2, Interesting) 895

The Democrats lost, as they have been losing for several years, because they've ignored a large segment of the population who rightfully feel like the Democrats don't care about them.

Despite what the Stock Market or other "stats" may show, many, many people (and areas) in the US are not doing well financially and the Democrats have ignored their plight. The Democrats ignore the issues important to many of the people in the 'Red' states and when they do notice them, chastise the people for having them.

So it's not surprising they voted against the Democrats and for someone who actually talked to them and to their concerns. The fact that it was all bull is besides the point. The Democrats are going to continue to fail until they can understand why a very large portion of the US hates them and then does something to change that opinion.

Comment Re:Maybe this judge didn't think things through. (Score 3, Informative) 91

Kinda like the U.S. policy that U.S. citizens have to pay U.S. taxes on income earned abroad could hypothetically cause a U.S. citizen to owe more than 100% in taxes

No it can't. You claim a Foreign Tax Credit for any income tax paid to a foreign government and it's deducted from your tax payable in the US. For example if your US tax rate was 35% and your foreign tax rate was 30%, you would pay 30% to the foreign government and then 5% (35% - 30%) to the US government.

See: IRS Publication 514

Comment Bullshit summary and article (Score 4, Informative) 284

The lawsuit(s) being filed are to determine ownership of the parcels of land. Not to force the sale of the land.

Zuckerberg is suing to find out who owns the land so that he can negotiate to purchase the land from them. Right now he can't purchase the land because no one knows who owns it.

He is not suing to force the sale, he is suing to make the sale possible.

Comment Re:Well, duh. Mass transportation is a slush fund. (Score 2) 408

I suspect what's going on is a bit more insidious than mere corruption. Construction companies bid low so that they'll win the contract. Then they charge the actual construction costs as cost overruns. What's needed is an incentive to encourage companies to bid a realistic estimated cost, rather than a completely unrealistic underbid just to win the contract. Something like, say, not paying for overruns and holding the company to its original bid price.

The real problem is the politicians want the budget to be a certain amount so they can 'justify' it to the people. If they say it will cost 100 Billion they can get it passed, but if they gave an accurate estimate, say 350 Billion, they'd never get it passed. So companies bid the amount the government wants them to bid with both sides knowing the actual cost will be much higher.

The companies are playing by the rules of "large government projects", if you want things to change you have to hold the politician's feet to the fire, they are the ones that setup the system and made the rules.

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