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Comment I am so so so so so so so sad someone died (Score 1) 514

Quote: An Apple spokesperson said this to CNet: "We are saddened by the tragic loss of this young employee, and we are awaiting results of the investigations into his death. We require our suppliers to treat all workers with dignity and respect." I am so so so so so so so sad someone died... I know what will cheer you up Steve... MONEY FIGHT !!!! ha ha ha ha ha... I feel better now.

Comment There is still a little Kodachrome left. (Score 2, Insightful) 399

There is still a little Kodachrome film out there. I just ordered two rolls to burn on nothing but summer fun. Kodachrome is about fun, and colors, and about wasting film on silly things. I think the significance of this film is years of smiles and of silly pictures that mean the world the people that snapped them. This film reminds us of memories locked in our brains, and when we see one of these pictures the brain unlocks those memories from years past. The colors and the feeling this film captures will never be completely reproduced and could never be replaced. Just like our memories. My advice, buy a roll or two and go have fun with it. Take pictures of friends and family on a trip or whatever. You won't regret it.

Comment Its worth flipping through (Score 2, Insightful) 55

I have seen this before at a local book store. I am not a big comic guy myself but I like some of the styles in some very odd comics. This book does have several strips that have very interesting styles and some of them are not too bad to read either. What is the harm in looking at something new? The worst thing that can happen is you kill some brain cells and you lose 15 minutes of your life. ;) Just my 2 pennies.

Comment Symantec has been a pile of crap for 3 years now (Score 1) 268

Symantec's tech support is not that great but at least some of there people are in America and speak English. However Symantec software is one of the worst in the industry and they have been going down hill for several years now. I put MalwareBytes on machines that were running Symantec and found that more than 50% of them had multiple serious virus infections. 10% of these computers had Bots infecting them, and Symantec virus software with latest updates didn't have a clue this crap was there. Symantec should be held accountable for their crappy software by the tech community so they can fix their problems or close up shop.

Comment Seagate problems is costing them sales. (Score 1) 559

I have been purchasing Seagate drives exclusively due to their good quality and good warranties. This week due to all the issues the new drives floating around I have gone with Western Digital instead of Seagate for my first two terabyte drives. If I have ventured out from the Seagate exclusive crowd then I would bet money there are many more doing the same. If they don't get this under control quickly they will not only lose out on one or two purchases some people may never go back to Seagate for hard drives.

Comment Re:Fighting Cultures, Not Religions (Score 1) 951

timeOday (582209)"The side most to blame is the side quickest to escalate the existing cycle of violence."

Would we react any different if Hamas (TERRORISTS) were striking our country from land that we GAVE them in hopes of peace? Imagine after that gesture those same people you GAVE land to fire rockets or allow others to fire rockets INDISCRIMINANTLY into YOUR COUNTRY? I can tell you after a little while I would get fed up and go FIX the problem through force, the only thing people in that region understand.

timeOday (582209) "Americans must start taking responsibility for what our bombs are doing over there."

We don't like to see it on the news but there are civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military is the BEST and most technologically advanced in the world and we still have civilian casualties form time to time.

timeOday (582209) "only one side has the (US-supplied) means to accomplish this."

If anyone remembers we were GIVING weaponry and supplies to Fatah, a Known Terrorist Organization, and when they were crushed by Hamas (TERRORISTS) take a wild guess as to who seized, and are now using, all that American made military hardware. Last I checked we SELL Israel their equipment. We GAVE Hamas (TERRORISTS) weapons by supplying their rival.

EgoWumpus (638704) "Israel should stop killing recklessly. 550 Palestinian deaths to 5 Israeli deaths is so lopsided that it has to be stopped."

BTW all that numbers game crap plays right into Hamas (TERRORIST'S) hand to get you to believe they are the victim of the "Evil Zionist Empire". There is a point at which you can make this argument but I don't know if 550 deaths is that point. This is especially true knowing that it is a FACT Hamas (TERRORISTS) has been known to used Human Shields.

All I am saying is Hamas (TERRORISTS) wants civilian casualties to try and get the "world" on their side. Let Israel do what it needs to do to protects its people and if you have a problem with that then remember what we did after we were attacked by terrorist.

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