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Comment H1-B Visas (Score 1) 834

It seem pretty clear that billionaire tech "leaders" do not give a flying f**k about the plight of the American tech worker, especially the older ones. While they buy Hawaiian estates and sponsor the America's cup, they have absolutely abused H1-B visas to enrich themselves. I have seen it since at least 1996, using the lie that there is a lack of American talent for most tech jobs. They use this to depress our American wages and make us work horribly long hours like we were child labor in the early 1900's. They conspire to prevent a free job market by making secret deals with their competitors to not compete for talent. Maybe worst of all, they blackmail H1-B visa workers to get far less pay and to create a sort of slavery for these immigrants that makes it impossible for them to demand equal wages and decent treatment lest they are fired and they are forced to go back to their country of origin. Meanwhile they tear up and down I-280 in their supercars, fly in their private jets, and sail the oceans in their massive yachts. They claim concern for the environment or whatever social cause is popular on the Davos circuit. They live in bubbles like French kings from the 18th century. There was once exploding opportunities for the independent tech guy, but the tech King vampires have made us into blood donors to support their empires. H1-B visa should be used for only the most exceptional foreign talent to enrich the technical talent in this country. They should not be used for lowering wages for jobs where there is plenty of American technical talent, but the greedy Kings of tech just want more. And they should not use these visas to essentially enslave foreign workers.

Comment Swift and Objective-C both have their place... (Score 1) 316

It is very good that you are coming from a C and assembly background. Its always important to understand what any compilers or interpreted language do behind the scenes. My experience was Pascal => assembly => Basic => ObjectPascal => C => C++ => Java => Objective C => Python => Ruby => Perl; a lot of them overlapping.

The first thing I would suggest is to get up to speed on object-oriented programming concepts.

I would say that you should be familiar C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++ (can come in very hand when using c++ and Objective-C in the same project).

Swift seems to be the future for iOS and OS X and looks to be a very interesting language with some really great Xcode tools behind it. Think Playgrounds.

Its always good to know JVM based languages Java, Scala, etc... Obviously if you are going to do any Android you will have to know Java.

My prediction: Swift will be the most important language for iOS, OS X five years from now. It is usable today. Keep in mind that Swift is a language that is quickly evolving based on developer input, so there is going to be some overhead in keeping up with the changes.

Xcode is free, but it is worth the 99.00 dev program just to watch the last few years WWDC videos. Its pretty wild what you can do with Xcode these days.

Good luck with your iOS adventure. It can be a lot of fun!

Comment Re:And... it's gone (Score 2) 636

I think maybe you should talk to some doctors. My brother is a interventional cardiologist and says that there are many doctors who are going to retire earlier due to the government control of medicine. ObamaCare is turning out to be quite a disaster in terms implementation and the regulations implementing it are only starting to be written.

Also, as doctors are being driven out of private practice into health care corporations, more defensive medicine is being practiced (read more unnecessary tests) by these hospitals. The profits on these tests end up in the hands of MBAs instead of MDs.

Your example of a cardiologist with a 2x "death rate" is a bad example. Rating systems like the one you tout cannot take into account that cardiologists that worry about these rating systems shy away from taking patients who are really sick and by definition are more likely to die. This happens all the time in interventional cardiology where a patient gets shuffled off to a cardiac surgeon because the cardiologist is risk averse. You can imaging that open heart surgery is orders of magnitude more expensive than having an interventional procedure.

Finally, health care cost are soaring because people are living longer because of all the new expensive technologies.

"The elderly (age 65 and over) made up around 13 percent of the U.S. population in 2002, but they consumed 36 percent of total U.S. personal health care expenses. The average health care expense in 2002 was $11,089 per year for elderly people but only $3,352 per year for working-age people (ages 19-64)"


Health care costs are a serious issue and you attacking doctors is a simplistic and faulty approach to finding solutions to this problem.

Comment This is a non story. (Score 2, Insightful) 1590

People should read the law first. They should not turn someone's hit seeking web article into anything important. Arizona resident's have very legitimate concern about the criminal activities of organized crime in Mexico.

This is not a new story:

If you do not like the law, change it... do not disobey it.

I do not think that Indian, Russian, Chinese, etc engineers are really at risk of having their civil rights violated.

Comment Show some humanity... (Score 1) 305

Where is the empathy on this list for someone who has health problems, especially when it is a man who has a wife and kids? It really sickens me to see the "humor" on some of these posts. Steve Jobs has done more for the personal computer industry than anyone I know. He has restored Apple, Inc to profitability. No analyst, no investor, no Mac or iPhone owner can dispute this.

The infantile need to judge someone who has achieved more than you will ever will is an ugly thing.

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