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Comment Re:People don't complain at Steam (Score 2) 379

One really big advantage is that steam automatically downloads the latest patch for any game you have installed through it.

Especially for older games it can be a pain to find the right patch, since there often is a distinction between languages, sometimes there are even different patches for the US and UK versions.Plus you don't have to figure out if the latest patch is cummultative or if you have to download every other patch before you can apply the latest one.

Comment Re:The cure is worse than the disease (Score 2) 274

For example, I never follow links to URL shorteners. If I do not recognize the domain I don't go there.

For Firefox there's an add-on called "long url please", which converts shortened urls to the target urls and displays those instead. I too do not like to click on links when I have no idea where they might lead me.

Comment Re:The game still has its flaws (Score 1) 147

The infernal machine is annoying. Key drop rate is abysmal. 100 runs, one key. And you need 9 of them.... (3x3) Seriously. The infernal machine is not worth it. You need to make hundreds of runs for the nine keys + one plan, buy a ring plan for 2 million gold, kill three times 2 uber-boss monsters at the same time.p>

You do realise that the drop chance depends on the monster level? At level 5 the chance for the key to drop is 50%. Without setting a monster level, the chance is only 5%, so of course that will take ages unless you are blessed by the rng gods....

And for what? One shitty ring that can't be sold with stats that are laughable, terrible, to be polite?

The important stat of that ring is the 35% experience bonus, which you dont get on any other ring (except one, but it's low level with terrible stats). So with the hellfire ring, you will gain paragon levels much quicker. Plus there really is a chance that it rolls decent stats apart form the exp. boost (crit chance/dmg, attack speed, resist all, etc.).

The infernal machine is just something to do besides grinding the 4 acts. You play through the game several times, kill a key warden here and there, and once you have enough keys you kill the uber bosses. It just adds a little bit of variety.

Comment Re:False Premise (Score 1) 126

Thx for the list. GTA sounds good, I think i will give it a try.

There is also a SimCity title available for Android, but sadly it was extremly unstable on my tablet, so i had to use the refund option in the google store. Hopefully those other titles will be of a better quality.

Emulators actually provide some of the best games I've played on my tablet so far, old adventures in ScummVM with touch controls are really awesome. Haven't tried the PS1 emulators, those could be quite good, too.

I don't think PS2 emulators will be viable in the forseeable future, since even my overclocked i5 750 desktop CPU isn't able to render Tekken or God of War at a playable framerate, no matter what settings or plugins I use. From what I've heard, even Sony is not capable of producing a decent software emulation of the PS2 in their PS3s.

Anyway, I think at the moment there are just not enough high quality games available to make using and Android phone as a console attractive. Your list, while helpful, is relatively short, and I suspect one could only target a niche market with the emulators. I guess in the end, it will all come down to the price. If it costs more than, say, 50 bucks, I don't think this will find a large audience. Or maybe that could bundle the app+controller with phones and cellphone plans...

Comment Re:NBC wouldn't take my money!!!!!!!! (Score 1) 82

Well then I guess it's not so bad. The channels we got only have American shows with German audio or produce their own low budget crap. At least Showtime and HBO have some good original shows that are worthy to watch. If you also get a good Internet line with it, then it may be money well spent after all.

Comment Re:NBC wouldn't take my money!!!!!!!! (Score 1) 82

Wow, those rates sound insanely high. Then again, here you also have to pay ca. 18€ per month just for the cable connection, which then gets you all the channels you can watch via a satellite dish (a one time investment). Those are the aforementioned public broadcast channels, plus a range of private channels, which are financed by commercials. The public channels broadcast in FullHD, but to watch the private channels in a better quality you have to pay around 70€ per year.

There are also some cable providers that offer sports, movie and tv series packages. I think the most expensive package, including all the channels, costs 50€. You then get access to more recent movies and series, and every weekend you can watch all soccer matches of the german major league live. I think this is the most bought package, because it's exclusive to one provider and soccer is kind of a big deal around here (33€).

So I guess all in all you could also end up with a 100€ bill per month. For me, that is just to much money for watching TV. I'd rather have something like netflix or hulu, but we don't have anything like that over here. If it was possible to stream recent movies and series in acceptable quality and with an english audio stream, I would gladly pay 30-50 bucks per month, but certainly not anything near a hundred bucks.

Comment Re:NBC wouldn't take my money!!!!!!!! (Score 2) 82

Well here in Germany everyone who owns a TV has to pay around 17€ per month to fund a consortium of public-service broadcasters. They provide regional programs, news and sometimes cover sports events like soccer or tennis. Normally everyone bitches about it, but during the Olympics it was definitely worth it.

Apart from the normal TV program, which covered the more famous types of sports (tennis, swimming, etc.), you could watch each and every event via livestream in reasonable quality on their websites. Some streams featuring less famous sports or late at night had no commentary, but sometimes that can be a bonus. I was really pleased with their coverage of the events and hope they will do the same thing with the Winter Olympics in two years.

Comment Re:I don't always use Debian (Score 1) 172

Yeah, I had the same experience. With every new release they fix some things and break other things that worked for years. Plus for my taste Ubuntu tends to include too many beta versions of programs I got used to (i.e. kaffeine). And don't get me started on that whole KDE 4.0 fiasco.

I too ditched Ubuntu for Debian because I wanted a distro that's stable for a longer time period than 6 months. Although I have to say, Ubuntu was the first distro that got my Creative sound card to work, so it's not all bad.

Comment Re:Paid for (Score 1) 398

Unfortunately, Metro is a turd hidden deep inside that cake.

I'd say the cake is a turd with a few ice cream bits on top.

I really like the new file transfer dialog and the improved task manager, but that's about it. I have read several reviews of the release preview, and I couldn't find anything else that i would be really looking forward to, especially not their appstore. That whole concept of fullscreen Metro apps is horrible in itself.

Normally I don't care much about the appearance of a desktop environment, but this has to be the ugliest one I've ever seen. Even if you could switch to the old start menu, there would still be the charms menu, which is just a huge ugly black bar that covers 20% of your screen when opened to access a handful of options

The combination of the old desktop and the metro interface seems halfhearted and unfinished at best, it looks like they just stitched together two completely different environments without too much thought. Apart from the strange functionality, I feel that from an aesthetic point of view it's just awful.

Comment Re:Touch is a fad (Score 3, Insightful) 233

I wish it was...I already hated touchscreens when they came to mobile phones and mp3 players, so i couldn't use them anymore without pulling them out of my pocket. On my touchpad it is fine, even in that map scenario a touchscreen could be useful (selecting a target and showing the fastest way from the current location to it), but in a car a touchscreen is a possible security risk, what with not paying attention to the road and so on.

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