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Comment Cyber-Cyber-Cyber (Score 2) 484

I have translated the article summary for those of us who only speak Cyber-English "A Cyber-recent study of 1222 Cyber-undergraduates found that 61.9% of them "cybercheat," which involves using the Cyber-Internet illicitly to get higher Cyber-grades. Some of the Cyber-quotes from Cyber-students are a Cyber-bit troubling. As one Cyber-19-year-old engineering Cyber-student put it, "As more and more Cyber-people are using the Cyber-Internet illegally (i.e. limewire Cyber-etc.), I feel that the Cyber-chances of being Cyber-caught or the Cyber-consequences of my Cyber-actions are almost Cyber-insignificant. So I feel no Cyber-pressure in doing what ever Cyber-everybody else is Cyber-doing/Cyber-using the Cyber-Internet for.""

New Malware Imitates Browser Warning Pages 143

Jake writes with this excerpt from Ars: "Microsoft is warning about a new piece of malware, Rogue:MSIL/Zeven, that auto-detects a user's browser and then imitates the relevant malware warning pages from Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. The fake warning pages are very similar to the real thing; you have to look closely to realize they aren't the real thing. The ploy is a basic social engineering scheme, but in this case the malware authors are relying on the user's trust in their browser, a tactic that hasn't been seen before. Beyond the warning pages, the actual malware looks like the real deal: it allows you to scan files, tells you when you're behind on your updates, and enables you to change your security and privacy settings. Performing a scan results in the product finding malicious files, but of course it cannot delete them unless you update, which requires paying for the full version. Attempting to buy the product will open an HTML window that provides a useless 'Safe Browsing Mode' with high-strength encryption. To top it all off, the rogue antivirus webpage looks awfully similar to the Microsoft Security Essentials webpage; even the awards received by MSE and a link to the Microsoft Malware Protection Center have been copied."

Submission + - Canadian villagers petition for cell phone ban (

CmpEng writes: ""NEW DENVER, B.C. [Canada] — To some residents of New Denver, the greatest threat to their way of life is not terrorism, but cellphones. Citing concerns over health and a change of culture, about 250 people — roughly half the population of the southeastern B.C. village — are petitioning against Telus's plan to install an antenna and bring cellphone service to the community. 'People come here because in New Denver it feels like you're living 50 years ago and we would lose that if we had an influx of cellphones. Our teenagers would all start using them,' said Julia Greenlaw, chairwoman of the Healthy Housing Society.""

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