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Comment Thank you Garadget! (Score 2) 421

... for reminding everyone not to buy things that require cloud access to be useful.

It's about time we get some legislations which protect customers from companies stopping services or going out of business and thereby "bricking" a product you bought.

They'd have to deposit sourcecode, patches, server installs etc. in some trust which then has to release these things to customers.

Comment Re:Poachers should be tortured when caught (Score 2, Insightful) 70

No. The poachers are poor, stupid fucks who need the money and couldn't care less for the animals.
The ONLY way would be going after their "customers".
Anyone buying that stuff should face at least from half a year's salary to serius prison time.

But I can imagine that most of them sit in Russia, China and maybe Japan. And their government doesn't give a fuck, too. So, little hope there...

Comment Tesla should remove the feature (Score 1) 277

People are either too stupid or deliberately abuse the feature to extort money from the company.

Humanity isn't ready for "assisted driving" because whenever something goes wrong, it's the system's fault.
When we have a car in which you can sleep until you arrive at your destination, we can call it "autopilot". Until then, just enable "adaptive cruise control" and be done with it.

Comment Same as lmsensors vs. Thinkpads? (Score 1) 232

Reminds me of how lmsensors bricked some Thinkpads during the I2C probing process. It overwrote some bytes in the "security chip" and wrecked a checksum which prevented the machine from booting. IBMs answer was to replace the mainboard. You could reprogram the chip, but the information was hard, if ever, to get. Some guys offered reprogramming services for a hefty fee.
The main reason was that the security chip, wich was a extended I2C eeprom (24RF02) reacted differently to commands as its non-security counterpart.

Comment I don't care! (Score 1) 760

Seriously... I love to tinker and I love taking things apart and fix or hack them, I've been doing it since 25 years already. BUT I also like my iPhone and iPad because they're the only things I own where I'm not tempted to tinker around. I like that! The things just work and they do anyting I want. I stopped jailbreaking after I found out, that the only things gained are stupid customization gizmos I don't need. Like already stated: If you don't like the product don't buy it! What do you all hope to gain from your crusade? Couldn't you use all the hate-time to do something productive? Yeah I know, since I own apple products I'm tainted and couldn't possibly be objective... sigh...

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