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Comment There's always a paper trail (Score 0) 181

If you didn't like to talk to a teller before, now's the time. The receipt you receive is sometimes more then what's given back from the ATM. You can stuff it into your file cabinet until the money is spent. Your money is secure up to $250k, so if you have more, then start creating different accounts or start investing the money into something else.

I can go on and on or better yet someone else will add to my comments.

Comment Problems of Piracy (Score 1) 459

Sure, people play the game. But Piracy only basis this on the Story of the game if there is one.

Most publishers release a patch, one that cannot be downloaded easily, only to users who register their purchased game allowing for multiplayer versions or server logins to be possible.

Console systems may seem to be the best line against piracy, but that's not true, because your LIVE account doesn't keep track of CD keys. If you modded your system to play a copied game, then your home free, and the servers know none the wiser.

Call of Duty, no 2 keys can be online at the same time when playing multiplayer, so the only way to obtain one is to purchase the game or play when the other user is not online at the same time.

But here's where piracy works. One PC copy that is used for a multplayer is not hindered for LAN games, because there is no check other then the game initiation. But this entails coordination from friends and playing time.

So, what does piracy boil down to? Playing a game that you only want to try for a period of time that extends Demo or trial time? Or does it mean that a bunch of friends want to play at the same time but all cannot or don't want to pay for the game?

Operating Systems

Submission + - Adobe and HTC Bring Flash Platform to Android (

Maarek Stele writes: Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and HTC, a global designer of mobile phones, today announced that the new HTC Hero is the first Android phone to ship with support for Adobe® Flash® Platform technology. The new phone delivers a more complete Web browsing experience and provides access to a broad variety of Flash technology based content available on the Web today.

"As the first Android device with Flash, the new HTC Hero represents a key milestone for Android and the Flash Platform. With close to 80 percent of all videos online delivered with Adobe Flash technology, consumers want to access rich Web content on-the-go." said David Wadhwani, vice president and general manager, Platform Business Unit at Adobe. "The collaboration with HTC offers people a more complete Flash based Web browsing experience today and presents an important step towards full Web browsing with Flash Player 10 on mobile phones in the future."

The new HTC Hero is a key element of the HTC experience and a new generation of HTC mobile phones and devices. Users can browse and discover a broad set of Web content and applications not supported by mobile phones in the past. People can also view YouTube videos using Flash technology, and enable full screen viewing mode by simply double tapping the screen.

"Adobe Flash is an important core technology for people interacting and experiencing the Web, it is only natural to be offering it on the new HTC Hero first," said John Wang, chief marketing officer, HTC Corporation. "We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with Adobe and to bringing Flash Player 10 support to our phones in the future." Read More

Comment Main reason for EVE's single shard (Score 0) 316

Is the Economy. It's 100% player driver. The only thing that the developers add is a sink hole for the Initial blue prints for equipment. Everything else is player aquired / sold. If there were additional shards, than there would be no need to fight for systems. Which is why World of Warcraft is just a 3D social playground for developing characters rather than aquiring and fighting for your goals which you achieve in EVE online.

Face it, people don't like EVE because it's too intense and feel that there is a lackluster in the PVP fighting. If they take their time, the fighting is more drawn out than any other MMO and that character development is your choice not a 70 hour hack-n-slash to gain levels.

Skills allow you to use items, and money allows you to buy them. Everything else is community based.

OH and it's one of the only games where you CAN be a trader and NEVER have to fight to gain levels.

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