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Comment Re:Air strike would be folly (Score 1) 496

Not to mention the fact that if the Russians really got cheesed off they could just sell Iran warheads.

Russia has obligations according to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and Article I explicitly forbids "Selling warheads". And even if they did disregard this treaty, expect the revival of the nuclear shield.

Any country with enough money and enough time is going to be able to acquire nuclear weapons. We might have to face the fact that there may not always be a military solution.

So basically you suggest we just abandon the NNPT? And with the submissive attitude that "they will get it anyway". Ignorance at its best/worst. Albeit difficult at best, we owe it to mankind and future generations to strive for a world free of nuclear weapons. More realistically: That we do our utmost to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Particularly when combined with totalitarian regimes and hostile intents.

If you somehow are offered a pivotal position in these questions, please refrain ;-)

Comment Ad requirements (Score 1) 830

It seems like management handed the task of putting together the marketing video to a bunch of engineers. Luckily they were also given a set of requirements, this is all an engineer needs!

This is how I imagine the checklist:

  • A housewife - CHECK
  • Kinda geeky male with glasses - CHECK
  • A grandmother! - CHECK
  • A member from a minority group, preferably black - CHECK
  • Pleasant conversation, insert laughs at discretion - CHECK
  • Every party has it.. BALLONS!! - CHECK
  • "Awesome" hand gesture at the end - CHECK

Note: If there happens to be a clock in the background, don't bother with it, no one cares and it saves us money.

Comment Some pointers (Score 1) 260

Some things worth considering:

Like others are saying, stick to the topic you were asked to present. I have rarerly heard of any presentation were they gave too little information, most of the time it's the opposite. If your audience leave with a good experience, they learn and are more open to similar presentations later. Too much information and they leave learning little and will likely oppose similar presentations in the future.

Give real life examples! It's obvously very easy to dig up highly relevant cases and news articles etc. Create a good but short summary of any articles you include. The summary should highlight the issues and consequences that relates to your topic. And be sure to include various ways in which the company was exposed or individuals embarrassed etc. The most basic human instinct is fear, appeal to it by letting them know that one of them can end up loosing their job and/or embarrassed on the front page of the news as a result of their actions online. Putting the audience in the hot seat so to speak. The point is that I think it needs to directly relate to them individually, if consequences only relates to the company, many will forget/ignore.

Let them know that absolutely anything that get's posted online about them can live online as long as they live and probably longer. As was the case with pictures on Facebook.

I also think that a good opening to the presenation creates attention. Humour is what many choose, but do whatever feels natural, constrained/forced humour rarely works well.

Comment Re:fat cells and muscle cells, too? (Score 1) 117

So it's better to lift a lighter weight more often, than a heavier one just a couple of times.

I don't know where you get this from but it's complete and utter bullcrap. Your statement alone is incomplete at best, with references to 'lighter weights', 'couple of times', it does not get any more vague than that. Don't listen to this folks, weightlifters don't exclusively do lighter weights and many repetitions simply because it is not optimal for pure strength. If you lift weights regurarly following a program even only for one year, you will know from experience that you need to stress and overload your muscles to build strength. That means you need to put on heavy weights to get maximum return from your effort. But remember that a complete traning program does not exclusively contain weightlifting exercises with many/few repetitions. Many repetitions is usually for warmup, softening the tendons and attracting blood to the muscle, this avoids injury and improves metabolic response. It also prepares the muscles for heavier weights, that is why you usually build up before you do heavy weights, muscles need to adapt for best response. There are many philosophies when it comes to weight lifting for strength, but I guarantee you that none of the successfull one's is according to quoted statement.

Comment Re:Interesting stuff (Score 1) 611

Not only that, but UAV's will be able to do a large part of the mission unassisted. Most of the mission is just take off/landing and getting to the fight. But the critical situation is the actual engagement. A good way to utilise a trained pilot is probably to have the UAV do the trivial tasks and only involve an operator/pilot in engagement. Operators could switch focus between UAV's, from f.ex. UAV's leaving/destroyed to UAV entering the battle. I imagine UAV's in the future might even be able to do much more than just getting to the battle on their own. If the UAV's are coordinated, individual unpiloted UAV's could track targets, manoeveur itself to a tactically good position and offer fire opportunities to an operator, assist piloted UAV's or even engage targets in some situations. We have only seen the beginning when it comes to unmanned weapons.

Comment Similar to evolution (Score 1) 350

Take the human body for example, I find that evolution has also given us "good enough" solutions in many respects. Our sense of smell is not very good, we are not very fast and I don't think we are getting much smarter at the moment as a result of evolution. At some point, the requirements of the market are met, and developement slows down relative to previous periods, similarly the requirements for survival in an environment are met, and evolution slows down.

Comment Funny story.. (Score 0) 683

I once had to quickly come up with a story about inserting dirty coding tricks to make a deadline. And it had nothing to do with karma. The story goes like this:

It was a very rainy day, both outside and inside, my deadline was comming up fast. My collegue asked if I wanted some coffee before I pull an all nighter, I told him to shut his pie hole... he is kinda annoying, but I might have been stressed. My job was to code and maintain the software for a secret amusement park on the island of Isla Nublar. After many arguments with my boss over sallary and what not, I got fed up, he never appreciated what I did for them, debugging and maintaining millions of lines of computer code. How many others can do that, am I right? Because of that, and greed, I made a sweet deal with another company involving some silly embryos, they paid alot up front!! :):) So I quickly hade to insert some dirty code to shut down the security system so I could get the embryos and stop others from accessing the system I had set up. One dirty thing I did was this: if ( user_session_admincommand_count == 3 && !magic_word) { StartPermissonDeniedSequence(); } . I am happy to say, I got away before they discovered what I had done. I ran into some other problems, but it had nothing to do with my code!! And hey, it was unix!!

Comment What a hype.. (Score 1) 148

The supercomputer and cloud part is obviously realistic. The gaming part is just marketing hype as it is now, the internet would "break" if everyone played games and watched HD movies over the internet on a large scale. The problem is that given the distance, on top of the latency the distance brings, there is bound to be a bottleneck at some point, from the distributor to the consumer. And that is something internet users even experience today, before people even have begun adopting IPTV and similar. That's why amd's new supercomputer will have traditional supercomputer use before it gets outdated and outpaced. VOD (Video on demand) and perhaps games will need to be offered close to the consumer for good while still. VOD offerings from cable companies is growing, and will likeley keep it's momentum. Games could be competetive, especially more primitive kids/family games as a starter. "All" that's needed, is for cable companies to offer decoders/pvr boxes that support usb devices such as game controllers.


Submission + - Methane as the Next Interplanetary Fuel?

u-bend writes: "Discovery news has a quick read about the possibilities that methane has as a rocket fuel for future interplanetary exploration, since it's known to exist on other planets.

From the article:
"The trouble with exploring the solar system is that there just aren't any rocket fueling stations out there. That won't be the case if future planet-hopping astronauts are equipped with a new kind of rocket engine which burns two gases that are already in good supply on several other planets: methane and oxygen.""

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