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Comment Re:Should have had these waiting on the shelf (Score 1) 565

When you say remote control shutoffs I suspect you mean an acoustic remote control. This wouldn't work at the depth below the surface that this well is, and the BOP has failed so catastrophically anyway that presumably whatever the remote control would trigger wouldn't work any better than the hydrologic lines the ROVs they're trying to use at the moment are hooked into.

Comment Re:I live under the transatlantic flight path. (Score 2, Informative) 410

ferries, channel tunnel, trains, automobiles, nope, just won't do... I have driven from London to Athens in less time than many of these people have been sat in airports wringing their hands... I also suspect that it may be CHEAPER to hire a car and drive back home, than to attempt to live in an airport for a week.

I guess you haven't been reading the stores about the Eurostar and the ferry companies having their busiest days ever. Or the thousand euro taxi rides many are resorting through. Have you considered that people would like to get a train or ferry but they're all booked up?

Comment Rockstar North (Score 2, Insightful) 137

For those unaware, most of the GTA series is already developed in the UK, specifically at the Rockstar North offices in Edinburgh. Of course, as the summary points out, they need some more Britishness in the game to get the tax break (although, frankly, the government would do better to give them a tax break for not setting it in the UK).

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 2424

I really don't understand how that's relevant. If you replace government with insurance company in:

In a universal care system, the government can mandate that only tests X, Y and Z may be performed for symptoms A and B, or that test X is only done once per year with as long as no symptoms are present.

Then that applies to a universal insurance system. And universal insurance is a type of universal healthcare anyway.

Comment Re:So the government is forcing me to buy somethin (Score 1) 2424

Spread out over the entire country, other people's ill health does affect you. The uninsured reduce the productivity of the country and when they require emergency hospitalisation for a treatable illness then the government will have to pay the bill. And by the way, socialism isn't a dirty word.

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