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Comment What the heck? (Score 1) 102

China enforcing copywrite laws? Are you kidding? Since when? Did you pause to consider this might be simply preditory? A large part of China's economy and most of China's military is based on copywrite/patent violations! When China starts enforcing intellectual property rights, it will only mean that it has stolen enough.

Comment Teaching kids... (Score 2) 265

Watching a friend teach kids Java in high school is just painful. They spend way too much time debugging quirks in the languange than debugging their logic. Teaching kids to program in high school/elementry school should be taught differently than teaching kids to program in a particular language. The demographics I've read is that we are having problems getting kids into STEM let alone Computer Science. Teaching kids to program at a younger age should be a good thing, we just aren't doing it right. Did I just say "LONG LIVE PASCAL"? Not yet,....

Comment Environment versis..... (Score 2) 690

It could have something to do with the predominance of women teaching kindergarten through eighth grade. My kids didn't have a male teacher until they got into eighth grade and only one. Most reading assignments tended to be biased towards the girls, little to interest the boys. Schools are reducing physical activity time (recess), so boys tend to be a lot more restless and disruptive in class.

I have both girls and boys, and these are observations from just two schools; but I believe the observations to be descriptive of the problem with boys. I haven't looked at the stats for college entrance in 2012, but last time I looked the percentage of young men entering college as Freshmen nationally was only around 35%. Boys are definitely being under served in schools.

Comment "He was, of course, right." (Score 1) 214

The arrogant phrasing of that statement is no different from anyone in the past who made similar statements. Anyone foolish enough to make a categorical statement about a theory (even one that the evidence suggests is true) is open to derision in the next century. Now, let's get back to global warming, global cooling, and the Mayan calendar.

Comment Hoover was a great engineer. (Score 1) 815

Engineers tend to look to using the government to solve things, because that's the tool at hand. When all you have is a hammer, the world is full of nails. The problem with that approach is that it grows government and centralizes power. Engineers may be the least capable of legislators, but this gentleman may be an exception.

Comment Complicated. (Score 5, Interesting) 433

We are educating kids to be users of technology, but not developers or inventors. Every time I've taken a computer or a disk drive or other electronics apart for a demonstration to the Scouts or just kids, they are always amazed. They are never taught beyond a mouse click. A lot of kids coming out of college are no better these days. Another problem is that in our zeal to bring girls into higher education, we are losing boys - those who would be most interested in engineering ( see Carpe Diem website archives for all the graphs and tables on subject preferences, Prof J does a great job of laying that argument out from high school on ).

Comment News From the Hard Corners of the World. (Score 2) 39

Getting information out of the hard corners of the world is difficult. Reporters would rather be trashing a civilized society than go some place where they could get killed! That's just the sorry fact of journalism. Look at the number of women reporters who were sexually assaulted in Egypt during the "Arab Spring". Now go somewhere the government really hates you (because you are a westerner, or worse yet - an American)!

Truth be told, he should have come with better sourcing; but the story does match up with some of the problems reported recently about sexual assaults from within the Peace Corps.

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