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Comment Re:We need to be able to sue government workers (Score 1) 691

The first person who loses his job because of a database or connectivity problem keeping him from gassing up on the way to work should be able to sue those who came up with this INDIVIDUALLY.

As I understand it there are big differences between employment practices and customs between the UK and the US. In the UK it would be highly unlikely for someone to loose a job over being late for work or even missing a whole day of work if such a situation was to occur. There'll also more than likely be an over-ride for the pump operator (such as for legally filling petrol cans or car's once an issue had been resolved with a few phone calls). The system will also more than likely be able to be deactivated should there be connectivity problems.

Personally I'm all for it. Vehicle Tax, MOT and insurance are legally mandated in the UK, the small minority that flout the laws cause plenty of grief for those that end up involved in accidents with those that don't have insurance (or safe vehicles) and drive up the cost for the majority who play be the rules.

Comment Think about timezones (Score 1) 175

If the members of your team are globally distributed, I'd drop conference calls for many decision-making meetings. Whilst you may have staff that are happy to partake in a conference call at 7pm local time, they will get frustrated with not being as fresh as others where the meeting is being held at 10am their time. For those that are tired, having already worked a full working day, it will prove very difficult for them to efficiently express their side of an argument. Look at how the open source community solve this - discussions are carried out over a number of days via email, with plenty of time available for each contributor to reply and formulate their answers.

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