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Comment not-for-profit? (Score 2) 349

The fees will be collected by a not-for-profit called Re:Sound.

That is misleading to say that Re:Sound is not-for-profit, when the apparent function of the organization is to ensure more money comes in to the music industry. And since I cannot imagine that much of that revenue is needed to fund Re:Sound, it seems like most of the money is simply profits. Which, to me, makes it seem like it exists solely for profits.

TL;DR - Company lies to try an look better. News at 11.

Comment I'm impressed, (Score 2) 135

Blazing out of the sun’s gravitational well at 34,000 miles per hour

That's about like driving from San Francisco to New York City in 5 minutes, or from Madrid to Moscow in a little more than 4 minutes (via Google Maps directions), instead of a couple of days. I'm impressed.

Comment Re:Difference between Europe and USA (Score 2) 140


I worked summer camps for the scouts for 12 years, and a scout for 7 years before that. What you are both saying is stereotyping, just like the ideas that all gay men talk and act in an effeminate manner, or that all religious people are crackpots, or that anyone who knows computers is a socially inept virgin. I know the following from first-hand experience:

- Yes, the Mormons use the Boy Scouts as there boy's youth program, and sometimes it almost feels like they have their entire own different type of scouting. They are such a large amount of the enrollment of the program that councils avoid stepping on their toes, but at the same time, they are far from the majority of scouts registered in the program.

- Some churches, etc. are very particular about having their denominations views strongly represented with the troops that they charter. However, there is usually another unit nearby to join, or as the case with my old troop, you can always just move your charter to be with an organization that fits you better.

- I find that some of the units that fall under the categories above have the leaders who are most dedicated to what Boy Scouts should be, and that they are very good at being scouts first when they are meeting or camping, and not just being religious indoctrination machines like the above comments claim. Then there are the majority of units which are not focused on religion, in which case you still have some bad apples where the leaders don't care, but your claims again fall flat.

- Bigotry: the Boy Scouts do not, "loves them some hatin' on the Gays and Atheists" - they do have religion, they do not approve of gay leaders, but at the same time, your comments sound like I should expect the Boy Scouts to act like the KKK. Almost every one of the people I know/knew or worked with in the scouts are very indifferent to someone being gay or agnostic (again, there are always a few exceptions). And there are quite a few people who expect that the BSA will one day in our lifetime include girls, gays and whoever, but that know that it will take time - remember, religious institutions and especially the Mormon church do make up a pretty good size of the registered units and scouts (and consequently revenue), and what organization would so easily shed a quarter (just a guess) of themselves?

- There is some fear about gay men being leaders and what that might mean for incidents of child abuse, but as it was pointed out year after year in the state-required training to recognize signs of child abuse, there is no such correlation. This was at times also noted by the instructor of the Scout's own Youth Protection Training (required for every person over 18), which usually depended on the instructor's knowledge and drive to cover more than just the bare minimum. It is worth noting that YPT, when properly followed, will eliminate pretty much all opportunity for child abuse to occur (but the "properly followed" is the catch).

So what it comes down to for me, is that your comments are are malicious as anything I ever heard from anyone I respected in the scouts ever say. Like I said before, you are taking stereotypes and running with them. Which is to say, the three parents to this comment are behaving as badly or worse (if they are just joking) as pretty much anyone in the scouts ever does. Or, if you are not joking, then I feel like you are the kind of person where I will just nod my head politely and then tell you I disagree, while thinking to myself you are a moron who does not know what they are talking about but who will gladly spout off about it anyways, and that kind of behavior is one of the worst problems in this world. (might be offensive, but so are the above posts if they are not jokes)

Comment Re:As a US Citizen, (Score 1) 477

I did receive a rather form-letter-looking response from Michael Bennet; looks like he is in favor of the legislation (well, that sucks). But I really don't expect even that much of a reply. I figure they probably just have some system to summarize the subjects of all of the mail, email and other messages they get, and probably just present the person with a summary about what percent of voices are for and against each topic. I really can't blame them, in fact, I think it would be a waste of taxes and time to pay a staff to write a response to everyone who writes in (and even then, form letters would make a lot of sense). Mostly, I just want to make sure that there is that one additional data point for my views.

Comment GNU/Linux (Score 1) 373

I get that it is an important distinction between GNU/Linux and Linux, but there are very few things I find more difficult to pronounce in English than "GNU". I always feel like saying that is like tripping over a slightly raised edge in a sidewalk: moving along quite well until I suddenly stumble and feel like I am making some mistake as if I was just learning to walk (or talk). That is why I tend to just say, "Linux" (additionally, GNU/Linux will confuse a lot of people, and I do not always want to educate someone on the difference).

Comment Re:OH, Goodie! (Score 1) 363

Educational link, I liked it (no, really, if you just saw the link and brushed it off, it is a neat collection of different news about various glaciers around the world that are growing).

However, from some of the linked articles I read, and from my basic knowledge of glaciers I live in Colorado, so it is hard to actually go see one), I have to say that they seem to be drawing from a limited pool of information. There are some broader articles, like one pointing to a study that found the Greenland ice sheet was growing thicker in areas above 1500 m in elevation. However, there are many articles that are very narrow in scope - one about how two years worth of excellent snow fall had revived 2,000 glaciers, a second about how a glacier has been growing longer since 1918 and another about how they just found 100 additional glaciers in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). The commentary on the first of these seems to take the stance of "some glaciers are growing, so I will imply that the scientists studying this are cherry picking data to push an agenda", and not considering the scope of work that really needs to be done to figure out the total picture. There was no note in the second article (that I saw) about if the lengthening glacier was changing thickness. And most relevant to myself, the claim that 100 new glaciers had been found or formed or something in RMNP - a park which covers just over a thousand square kilometers, so these are not the kind you will see in Alaska, Norway or the Himalayas, these are glorified snow fields. If you do not believe me, check out a google image search for "St. Mary's Glacier" (which is a typical Colorado glacier) or look at the wikipedia page of Andrews Glacier, in RMNP - does this match up with what you think of when you see a glacier. Without doing the math, but having seen what glaciers in Colorado are in person and seeing pictures of the huge mountains of ice that large glaciers are, I would expect that all of the glaciers in Colorado would easily fit inside the lost volume of one of the more moderately-sized retreating glaciers in the world. Overall, I think that they give any sense of scale of the issue, which does them no good.

So I have come to the conclusion that this is just a site that makes the claim, "These data points disagree with your overall conclusion, so your conclusion is wrong!" without crunching any numbers or doing a more thorough investigation on their own, when it might very well be the case that they are only citing the 10% of evidence that is favorable to their point and ignoring the rest. Think my conclusion is not fair? Then please provide more evidence to the contrary.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 226

Fantasy Football is D&D for people who would never be caught dead playing D&D. Along the same lines, Fanboy-ism is rooting for the home team for people who never follow sports. And of course, obl. xkcd relating to this. If you can't see the humor and truth in this as it relates to both of the parents, maybe you should relax a bit.

Comment They are doing web payment of bills wrong. (Score 1) 734

For myself, three out of the four bills (energy, internet, water/sewage/etc. and insurance) I regularly pay (last time I checked, anyways), charged a "convenience fee" that greatly exceeds what I spend on stamps, usually by two or three times as much (plus the envelope is included, and I don't have to put an address on it other than sometimes a return address). Also, it probably takes me slightly longer to write the check and walk it down to the box but I regularly got fed up when trying to pay online because I usually had to set up an account and re-enter all of the things that they already know for my billing account; only one time was it as simple as entering the billing account number, the amount being paid and the method of payment. This is good for the same reason that Google did so well - the result is the same with or without it, but I don't need or want a portal into the company's e-world in order to do so.

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